Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Or Nothing

One of the most suspect via truthiness in 44's Posse of Rivals (which, obvay, is a heck of a hello - considering cats like AG eric the Red Holder and former Madame Sec HRC) was on some telly show Sunday.

Dispencing disingenious discombobulation, NSC cat Ambassador Susan Rice continued her arc of disbelief.

Susan Rice ought to stay off "Meet the Press." The last time she was on she misrepresented what led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. On Sunday, she was back, this time misrepresenting critics of the administration's Syria policy. Last time her misrepresentation was unintentional. This time it wasn't. More preferred, though, when she doesn't know what she's talking about.

In a frustrating colloquy, Rice initially said all the right things about Syria. She called the war there "horrific," which indeed it is. She said it has "spilled over and infused the neighboring states," which indeed it has. And she said the U.S. has "every interest in trying to bring this conflict to a conclusion." Yes. Yes, indeed.

But if the alternative here is to intervene with American boots on the ground, as some have argued, I think that the judgment Great Satan has made and the president of the United States has made is that is not in Great Satan's interests," she continued.

Who, precisely, advocates boots on the ground? Name just one prominent critic or to wonder why this is "the alternative" when there are so many others.

Rice, who is the president's national security adviser, got away with rebutting an argument that has not been made.

She did, though, exhibit an administration mindset -- all or nothing -- that in practice amounts to nothing.

Pic -"From Ukraine to Syria to the Pacific, a hands-off foreign policy invites more trouble!"