Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NATO In Palestine!

Oh yeah - this is gon be real good


News that the illegit Pres of Something Something Palestinian (illegit cause Palestine - for whatever reasons - hasn't had an election in a decade) has requested American-led NATO cats patrol a future Palestinian state indefinitely, with troops positioned throughout the territory, at all crossings, and within Jerusalem.

As psychically predicted way back -

Future Palestine will most likely lack the power (or will) to issue or honor such Nakbah proofing guarantees unless certain elements, their spiritual fanboys and rowdy foreigners are dissed, marginalized or destroyed.

Obviously, Palestine will need help.

Simply put if this new nation state comes into being before terror groups are driven out of the gov, Palestine will require covert and overt American po po and military resources to defend herself against many of her own peeps.

It will start by teaching the new nation/state how to fight her people. Most likely, Great Satan will find she is helping Palestine to fight Palestinians. In the end, America will be fighting Palestine's people on Palestine's behalf.

Most likely 2 brand new baby nation states - for whatever reasons (though failure to enforce Writ of State ala Land of the Pure certainly comes to mind) - may actually ignite the ignition on another war that will time machine the entire AO right back to Little Satan's accidental empire. 

Or even worse for the Palestines - such combatty ops could actually result in a Greater Little Satan that may not be particularly interested in right of returning turf won yet again after eons of misery, on again off diplomacy and terrorism.

Pic - "Winning the Peace"