Monday, May 5, 2014

A Broader Failure Of Policy


The whee lease of tons of emails amidst 44's Posse about Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi show there really is an is there.

"...and not a broader failure of policy”
Actually, a cold rolled steel case can be made - it's all about 44's failure of policy 
“Blame the Video” was an administration–crafted lie, through and through. It was intended, in the stretch run of the 2012 campaign, to obscure the facts that :

(a) the president’s foreign policy of empowering Islamic supremacists contributed directly and materially to the Benghazi massacre;

(b) the president’s reckless stationing of American government personnel in Benghazi and his shocking failure to provide sufficient protection for them were driven by a political-campaign imperative to portray the Libya policy as a success — and, again, they invited the jihadist violence that killed our ambassador and three other Americans; and

(c) far from being “decimated,” as the president repeatedly claimed during the campaign (and continued to claim even after the September 11 violence in Egypt and Libya), al-Qaeda and its allied jihadists remained a driving force of anti-American violence in Muslim countries — indeed, they had been strengthened by the president’s pro-Islamist policies.

Pic - "And then there's HRC's broader failure of character..."