Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Persia's Protective Shield

GsGf's ME advisor gives up hot deets bout Persia's Protective sphere...

Iran’s regime is employing a much larger strategy in order to reach the level of an armed nuclear power, and – perhaps ironically – one of the regime’s strategic policies is to mislead the international community, particularly the U.S., in its campaign to irreversibly transform itself into a nuclear power.

The Iranian global construct can be perceived as a “Khomeinist Dome.” For decades, the regime’s strategy has had two simultaneous goals. One is to create a defensive sphere over the forthcoming strategic weapon before it is unveiled. The second is to suppress any internal opposition to the regime’s policies. The “dome” is a complex integration of Iranian foreign policy: terrorism backing, financial luring, exploiting Western weaknesses, and expanding regional influence. The strategy seeks to create a nuclear fait accompli, rendering most U.S. and allied measures against Iran’s nuclear capability useless by the time the greater shield is established.

The regime has known for years that producing one atomic weapon (or even two) without being able to protect it would invite certain military action by the West and/or by Little Satan to disable it. Tehran was unable to circumvent this strategic theorem for decades, at least since the end of the Iraq-Iran War (1980-1988). The issue for them was not obtaining the nuclear weapon, but deterring enemies from destroying it.

The Iranian regime’s wider strategy was to create a shield for the nuclear weapons as they were produced. In fact, the Ayatollahs calculated that they would only unveil the weapon if and when it is protected. The greater dome strategy includes a host of asymmetrical capabilities including missiles, anti-aircraft systems, geopolitical space and terrorism.

A large missile force capable of targeting a wide spectrum cities and smaller installations has been under construction for years. In addition, the regime has been attempting to obtain advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to protect its offensive missiles. And while uranium production has continued to move forward, Tehran has been expanding its influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of East Africa and maintaining close ties to terror networks across the region. Once the combination of these capabilities is in place, the bomb will come – but not before.

The Khomeinist dome is about preparing for nukes before they are displayed and claimed. It is meant to signal the West that Iran will jump past a single bomb to the level of unstoppable power with a vast network of retaliation as its deterrent.

The regime is out to complete the buildup of its strategic shield while offering to slow down its fissile material production. Once the dome is complete, the nuclear material production will speed up, and by the time the West realizes the maneuver, the Middle East will have changed forever.
Pic - "Policy in the Middle East and Catastrophes to Avoid"