Friday, September 12, 2014

Blades At A Gunfight?

As 44 directs Great Satan back into World Police mode with Iraq III, gotta wonder again about the utter unseriousness with Nat'l Defense of a certain political party and their best and brightest hanging on the reins of hyper puissance.

1st Off - texting all our punches. Whisker Tangy Foxwhat? Been doing some massive research and reading on the kick off of WWI (recently an exact century old)and despite multiple sources - can't seem to find anything where the naughty Imperial Germans broadcast what they would or wouldn't do. The Allies had no idea and dang near lost the war in the 1st 30 days. Broadcasting no troops on the ground doesn't seem to help our side much.

2nd - If IS/ISIS/ISIL is making tons of cash on a daily basis with captured oilfields, shouldn't we be seeing an audacious American vertical envelopment to take over these fields for our own delights? As in take over and hold and gather the ill gotten riches unto ourselves. At least - shouldn't we see a massive Ploesti type raid that wrecks the place beyond their ability to get it back up and running?

3rd - As best understood the Caliphates HQ is in Syria. An air campaign to take out Syria's air defense system may be in the works - which would allow us to destroy their capital. Capturing it with a brigade or two would send a far greater message that we are in it to win it.

Too much to list perhaps, yet as 'Allies" do the non profit jaw flapping dance and skate away from using their conscripts as infantry to sieze and hold turf, it looks liked a certain political party and their brainiacs are again totally unserious.

Pic - "44 anounced he's bringing counter terrorism to a counter insurgency fight"