Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Significant Strike


Great Satan just bush wacked the brand spanking new Caliphate with a historic series of air raids. Arab air forces from Whahabbi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Jordan were sweetly escorted into combat courtesy Great Satan's Air Force Raptors and Navy Super Hornets from USS GHW Bush.

USS Philippine Sea and USS Arleigh Burke launched drones and world famous Tomahawk crusade missiles.

Target sets look like headquarters and weaponry supply depots in Syria. Logistics capabilities and infrastructure in MILSPEAK. Qatar – who bears some responsibility for the entire sorry mess to begin with - may have ratted out certain sites in the ISIS caliphate

This is a significant strike.

Using bunches of jets from Araby is a first – and could be considered a blue print of sorts for a Persian panty raid down the line. Also the F22 Raptor made her combat debut

Qatar has to make a choice. Giving up righteous intell and deets on certain tender portions of al Qaeda's einsatzgruppen nom d'guerr'd "Khorasan Group" is a good start.

 The Ottomans have changed their tune regarding their air bases as every neighbor IS has is starting to turn against it either through out right belligerence or hapless by stander mode.

The regime in Syria and their creepy bff's in Hiz”B”Allah and al Quds are no doubt doing some serious thinking as the caliphates Capital in Raqqa gets some overtly robust aerial attention...

Pic - "Tonight, the international community has joined our fight against ISIS in Syria“


Unknown said...

The Raptor didn't just escort, it blew the ISIS HQ to hell!