Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Seems everytime intolerant creepy killers act out the olde B word is appropriated  - as if illiterate Xians in the West will start stomping certain elements to death in the streets.

Often nom d'guerr'd as You Know What phobia...
Fears about widespread anti-Muslim violence, about the spread of toxic Islamophobic hate through the streets and in workplaces, are unfounded, because their driving force is the anti-natives, anti-pleb prejudices of the elites rather than any hard evidence of extreme hostility to Muslims.

On the other hand - the French are responding by making m"Hammedists in house uncomfortable...

According to reports by AFP and others, the attacks have included:
  • Three training grenades thrown at a mosque in Le Man; a bullet hole was also found in one of the mosque windows
  • A bomb blast at a restaurant adjacent to and associated with a mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone
  • Gunshots fired at a mosque in Port-la-Nouvelle
  • A boar's head and entrails were left outside an Islamic prayer center in Corsica with a note: "Next time it will be one of your heads."
Blowback - in a milder form - may be key here.

Consider, if, as we are told, Jihad is only a tiny bit of bunches of ppl and thus can only be fixed up within the confines of m"Hammedism by other m"Hammedists then perhaps they should be made to feel very uncomfortable until they purge their communities of rowdy jihad lovers.

After all, even Aegypt's V Checker General and President For Life recently wept how Jihad is
P.O. ing the world beyond repair

Thus, Burka bans, cartoons, abolition of No Go Zones, hard looks and hard quizes should be hand in hand with the West's wicked women worshipping risque fun and free choice at every opportunity sans modesty or restraint 

Pic - "It is not obnoxious and freewheeling satire but terrorist atrocities that really and devastatingly promote Islamophobia in France and around the world."