Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shia Crescent

Eons ago - after ascending the Hashemite Throne in Amman - Jordon's King Abdullah caveat'd that Iran was crafting a "Shia Crescent" that would be a real prob.

Tons of ppl LOL'd the idea and passed it off as a regional fear.

Only thing, see, since Yemen's government collapsed and shialicious elements have seized power, it doesn't look so funny.

As best understood - Iran"s Sunni Free Imperium would look sump like this here:

Stretching from Persia to the Med and Red Seas the southern horn would sweetly snatch up ancient wicked woman worshipping Imperialist Colonial Crusader created cats like Kuwait, Southern Iraq, Bahrain (outright annexation by Iran) Qatar, the UAE and the oil rich Shia bearing regions of Saudi Arabia, and deserty Yemen.

Northern Horn would like do Baghdad, intermittant pock pock pockets of shias across Iraq all the way to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and an out post or two in the Strip and West Bank.

Obviously - fighting the ISIS ISIL in what's left of Iraq and Syria are queering the mix on hegemonic designs, yet Yemen's fall is a victory of sorts for Iraq's Preacher Command.

Pic - “Shiites in the region are more loyal to Iran than their own countries"