Monday, February 2, 2015

44 And BiBi

Oh No!!

Little Satan's BiBi Prime Minister and Great Satan's 44 don't seem to like each other very much...

44 is not expected to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will address Congress in March. An anonymous member of the administration was quoted as calling Netanyahu, a combat veteran, a “coward” and describing him with a related expletive. Another nameless administration official recently said Netanyahu “spat in our face” by accepting the congressional invitation without 44’s approval and so will pay “a price” — personal animus that the administration has not directed even against the leaders of a hostile Iran.

Why not let Bibi jaw jaw with Congress? We all know it's gon be about Persia's Preacher Command and new clear naughtiness. Iran has had her bloody fingers in tons of messy pies from Buenos Aires to Sanaa.

Political payback is sump 44 knows all too well - dissing allies and emboldening enemies aside - rumour has it 44 will do a 42 and to defeat BiBi in Little Satan's upcoming elections