Sunday, February 8, 2015


The Watchers Council- it's the oldest, longest running cyber comte d'guere ensembe in existence - started online in 1912 by Sirs Jacky Fisher and Winston Churchill themselves - an eclective collective of cats both cruel and benign with their ability to put steel on target (figuratively - natch) on a wide variety of topictry across American, Allied, Frenemy and Enemy concerns, memes, delights and discourse. 
Every week these cats hook up each other with hot hits and big phazed cookies to peruse and then vote on their individual fancy catchers

Thus, sans further adieu (or a don't)

  • *First place with 3 1/3 votes!The Noisy RoomThe Muslim Brotherhood Calls For “A Long, Uncompromising Jihad” In Egypt After Meeting With US State Department
  • Second place *t* with 1 1/3 votes Bookworm Room Neo-Paganism is sweeping the First World – and that’s a bad thing *UPDATED*
  • Second place *t* with 1 1/3 votes Joshuapundit-Breaking: NYT Admits Obama Deliberately Manufactured Netanyahu Spat
  • Second place *t* with 1 1/3 votes The Right PlanetMan In The Mirror
  • Third place *t* with 1 vote Nice Deb Don’t Trust Do Verify: Questioning Corrupt and Politicized Climate Science
  • Third place *t* with 1 vote Ask Marion
    Washington Times’ Bombshell Tapes Confirm Citizen Commission’s Findings on Benghazi
  • Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote VA Right! - CCRC Chairman Don Williams Jeopardizing the GOP Committee’s Tax Exempt Status
  • Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Simply JewsSaving a man or Aaron Dover on my couch
  • Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Rhymes With Right Obama Decries Decision That Keeps Government From Limiting Political Speech, Activity
  • Fifth place *t* with 1/3 vote GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnDThe Foreign Policy Vacuum
  • Fifth place *t* with 1/3 vote The Glittering Eye -In Which I Learn That I Am Not a Liberal
  • Non-Council Winners