Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Raqqa Roll!

Since 44's contained JV team acted out murderously in Paris is it time to go all out on ISIS/ISIL/IS?

 If this attack in the heart of a major Western capital represents the beginning of a new phase in the combat between ISIS and the civilized world, the question going forward is what kind of war will it be? What can be done not just to control and contain the threat? That approach by Washington and its allies clearly has not worked. There was nothing controlled or contained about what happened here.

Put together a force of 6,000 or 7,000 airborne soldiers and just take Raqqa. Don’t issue warnings. Don’t assemble tank columns. Train the force, then use it.

ROE's need to be liberally re evaluated even as ISIS is embedded among the civilian population....

They are representing the civilian population, at least those who have remained and sometimes profited from the group’s presence. They are not enslaving them. And a war is a war.

True enough!

Tactical delights are always open for free inquiry, sure Air Power is awesome no doubt, yet it's gon take American Joes in the hood to put paid to it.

Arab League is notorious for militaries that can torment unarmed populace and protesters (often the same thing, right?) yet can't fight a set piece battle. Bundeswehr, Armee de terre, IDF and British Army are 1st class cats yet haven't truly the depth in force and logistics to mount and maintain a 90 day blitz.

The strategic goal should be to annihilate ISIS, seize, hold and keep oilfields and at the same incredible instant fire up the PR machine to meet the new facts on the ground - a free and independent Kurdistan.

Other cats in the hood may howl with displeasure at such an imperial type action and that is all on them. Turkey especially.

Aegypt, Jordan, Whahabbi Arabia and the Ottomans could have hooked up eons ago to take out the trash, for whatever reasons - they didn't.