Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Spark!

Well, that was psychic!

“World War III” would, in effect, be the fifth World War in the history of the modern state system. What might spark such a war, and how would it escalate into a global conflict?

At the moment, ISIS has drawn the attention of most of the world’s most powerful countries, including France, the United States, and Russia. But the explosion of attention (not to mention air traffic) could complicate the next step in the war. On the one hand, an accidental confrontation between NATO and Russia aircraft could lead to bad tactical decisions, with one or more planes shot out of the air.

Turkey's Ottomanic nation state has been totally unhelpful in regards to the current chiz in the ME. Buying oil from ISIL, tormenting Kurds and acting callously towards refugees may have finally played out.

So as NATO hooks up for a yet to be seen profitable jaw flapping contest, as Commonwealth Russia reels under the influence of losing 3 aircraft in record time, as ISIL continues their drive backwards to the 7th Century - hang on to your hat!