Friday, July 18, 2008

Neophilosophical Mindcandy

Like Max Boot (love that name!!) once implied, neoconservatism is like a girls cabin at summer camp. Tons of drama, intellectual girls gone wild, crazy pillow fights and dangerously confidantic trysts of 'Truth or Dare'.

Hanging with neos is like hanging in one gigantic tent that houses tons of differing domestic beliefs and hosts a host of conservatives, liberals, America Firsters, Straussians, old school neocons, interventionists (humanitarian only to be fair), regime changing fans and the Pentagon Vulcans.

Functioning a lot like an energy drink laced with mind candy is Dr Donald Douglas (
Oh! He got game!) and his constantly expanding site "American Power." Am Pow (for the magically hip) is slicing thru neo circles a lot like "Rock of the Marne" sliced thru the Nebuchadnezzar Panzer Grenadier Division after shooting thru the Karbala Gap way back in '03.

Currently the good doctor shared some killer insight into neoism that has sparked a full blown intellectual neogasm.

Kicking things off this week with
a critical look into Brian Rathbun's trifecting triad RE: Realism, Neoism and Immoral Isolationalism, the cool Cali PHD delves into putting the 'bust' in 'robust American Power" with an almost spiritual look and quiz into Great Satan's all original Foreign Policy philosophy - neoconservatism.

And it has been a hoot.

Brainiac responders have responded like Dr Paddy Jackson of The Journal of International Relations and Development. More of a new school semi realist (wonder how he and Dr Fred Kaplan hang?), Dr J takes on Rathbun (a self proclaimed liberal non neocon) and Dr D.

Am Pow has certainly
siezed the fun friendly gauntlet and the squeeze tease is sure to please.

Great mindcandy to absorb and reflect.

Dr Douglas has graciously consented for an Iview with GsGf and will be available soon.

In the meantime - pursue and enjoy - learn and devour a philosophical give and take on neoism.



Findalis said...

This isn't neoconservativism but good old common sense. To be a liberal today one must be Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun, Anti-Death Penalty, Anti-War, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Values, Pro-Gay and against everything the Silent Majority stands for.

I am glad I can call myself an Independent, just like my cousin, Joe Lieberman.

Jeff Wills said...

Dr. Douglas's American Power, like Great Satan's Girlfriend is an excellent blog. I look forward to reading your Iview.

kevin said...

Can't wait for the interview.