Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Case For Paleo Conservatism


Findalis said...

Reminds me of Congress.

Unknown said...

Paleoconservatives, lol. The photo is perfect, hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing, and finally do nothing. The part of the Conservative movement that wants to stick its head in the sand and hope the bad men go away.

Although some of their ideas on minimal government and the nuclear family I do identify with, they give way to much credence to old Europe. Some might even call them a throwback to Monarchism.

One other thing that drives me nuts about them is they are constantly invoking Burke. Burke would have had nothing to do with the Paleo-Conservative movement. He was not against change; he was against dogmatic and reactionary change.

On one hand he despised the French Revolution but supported the American. He was for British intervention in the world because he felt that his country was the model for modern day civilization and should be shown to the rest of the world.

To the Paleo types I leave you with this.

"A state without the means of change is without the means of its conservation."

-Sir Edmund Burke

Khaki Elephant said...

Those damn, dirty apes

Old Rebel said...

critical thinker said,

"He was not against change; he was against dogmatic and reactionary change."

I think you meant to say "revolutionary" change.

And it's revolutionary change that paleoconservatives -- so called to distinguish us from the identity theft of the "Neoconservatives" -- still reject as unnatural, anti-human, and reckless.

Nikki said...

Cornelius has always creeped me this a movie about the NRA merging with evolution? :)N

Rob Taylor said...

The perfect post describing the Buchanan's of the world. I doff my cap to your wit!

I spent an hour or so the other night arguing with a Paleo-con in the Hot Air comments. That pic helped me have an epiphany as to why that was a severe waste of my time.

AmPowerBlog said...

You've got them on the run, Courtney!