Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"It's Raining Neocons!"

Joe Klein over at Time makes a great case for drug testing journalists (though to be fair - they rarely hold real jobs - like arresting criminals, building stuff, growing food, teaching or killing enemies).

Responding to super fly Dr Robert Kagan (Oh! He got game!) and his Putin's move making WaPo essay Time scribe Klein became mentis non compos.

Dr Kagan laid it prett straight - chalking up a historic moment:

"The events of the past week will be remembered that way, too. This war did not begin because of a miscalculation by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

It is a war that Moscow has been attempting to provoke for some time. The man who once called the collapse of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] century" has reestablished a virtual czarist rule in Russia and is trying to restore the country to its once-dominant role in Eurasia and the world.

Armed with wealth from oil and gas; holding a near-monopoly over the energy supply to Europe; with a million soldiers, thousands of nuclear warheads and the world's third-largest military budget, Vladimir Putin believes that now is the time to make his move."

Klein freaked and launched a rambling, discombobulating pitifully unwondrous example of weak minded, weak willed, out of touch, weeded up paranoia prose pose and not to put too fine a point on it - BORING and embarrassing.

It's not Russia, Ossetia or Abkhazia. Or even Kosovo.

It's raining neocons!

"But it is important, yet again, to call out the endless neoconservative search for new enemies, mini-Hitlers. It is the product of an abstract over-intellectualizing of the world, the classic defect of ideologues. It is, as we have seen the last eight years, a dangerous way to behave internationally.

And it has severely damaged our moral authority in the world...I mean,
after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, after Abu Ghraib, after our blithe rubbishing of the Geneva Accords, why should anyone listen to us when we criticize the Russians for their aggression in the Caucasus?"

Finally! A regime change Klein can live with it!

Klein's klutzy irony is easily addressed.

1st off, tolerant egalitarian societies with all the hot stickie goodies like transparent, periodic elections, free, uncensored press, an indy judiciary under elected Gov oversight, a military under civie control and a nat'l treasury under public accountability are like kryptonite in Smallville.

Autocrazies, despotries, tyrannies (horrid or benign) cannot help but to act out against free societies. Especially any in weapons range.

Such malignant magnetism is a cool homage to Great Satan and all her democratic best grrlfriends forever.

"Creative destruction is Great Satan's middle name. It is a natural function, for she is the one truly revolutionary country in the world for more than 2 centuries. She does it automatically, and that is precisely why the tyrants hate her guts, and are driven to attack her.

An enormous advantage, tyrants fear her, and their oppressed peoples want what she offers: freedom. "

So, intolerant, unfree, (some nigh unhinged), illegit, murderous, corrupt regimes having their feelings, purses, prestige and control freak apparatus dissed, damaged or marginalized is "...a dangerous way to behave? "

Au Contraire Mon Frer' !

It is exactly how hot! democracies should behave - constant confrontation and selective intervention - letting geopolitical gangstas act out militarily is the perfect catylyst for a sexyful diplopolitical future military hook up.

Neo bashing RE: Russia vs Georgia (psychically predicted by American Power) is not confined to neoconspiracy Klein. Confauxderates, ammoral corrupt cult of stability accolytes, the enemy of my nation is my friend anarchy heirarchy heralds a phony daemoneoconic cacophony that seems retarded - in the classic sense no less.

Freely elected President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvilli survey's the stakes.

"Most obviously, the future of my country is at stake. The people of
Georgia have spoken with a loud and clear voice: They see their future in Europe. Georgia is an ancient European nation, tied to Europe by culture, civilization and values.

In January, three in four Georgians voted in a referendum to support membership in NATO. These aims are not negotiable; now, we are paying the price for our democratic ambitions.

Second, Russia's future is at stake. Can a Russia that wages aggressive war on its neighbors be a partner for Europe? It is clear that Russia's current leadership is bent on restoring a neocolonial form of control over the entire space once governed by Moscow.

If Georgia falls, this will also mean the fall of the West in the entire
former Soviet Union and beyond. Leaders in neighboring states -- whether in Ukraine, in other Caucasian states or in Central Asia -- will have to consider whether the price of freedom and independence is indeed too high."


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

While the latest reports suggest that the Russians are halting there military operations there is no indication that they are willing to leave Georgian territory. This is what is most disturbing, the fighting is occurring within the international recognized borders of Georgia making this not merely a conflict but an invasion, think occupation.

The area offers little of strategic value in terms of economics but is significant in terms of political stratagem. The actions will all but ensure that Georgia will not become a NATO member soon, thus remaining exposed to further Russian aggression and control.

The West’s response has been poor and in any event misses the point; this conflict is not just about South Ossetia but also about the fate of an independent democratic state friendly with the West. Putin is testing waters and depending on what level of resistance he encounters, this may not be the last of his new imperialistic drive. Once things cool off a tad, it may be a good idea to have powerful EU States and the U.S. rapidly re-arm the Georgians.

Russia should no longer be viewed as a convenient ally of the West; this local skirmish is aimed at buttressing its tight hold on a former satellite and emboldens its position against NATO and the rest…

Finally, if we are going to stand with Georgia we must stand mighty close thus recognizing it as a viable (breakaway) democratic state. Anything less could bring about the same mistake made with Bosnia and Herzegovina. EU states recognized the break from Yugoslavia but offered little else, the result? Over 100,000 deaths and the displacement of nearly 2 million … history suggests that precipitate recognition and support of small militarily and economically weak states by bigger powers is a recipe for destructive consequences… We either stand real close or …

American Interests

Right Truth said...

Did you hear John McCain today? He was fantastic. Put Obama to shame.

He launched into a history of the region, the present conflict, what was wrong about it, what we should do,...

McCain needs to fire his speech writers and talk off-the-cuff like he did today. More Republicans and Conservatives might get excited about voting for him.

Love the image.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen Townsend said...

Yes, the sane and mature grown ups will be proud to vote McCain in November. His time is here. Thanks, Putin baby.

Putin bought into the left's spin that the world hates the U.S. and wanted to take over Georgia while we have an election coming up and are otherwise busy. Didn't he know McCain has been a friend to the Georgian leader for 25 years? Idiot.

And, it points to the continued cluelessness of Obama on foreign policy.

Who ya gonna call? Yeah, you know.