Friday, October 10, 2008


Recently at like the most de boring debate ever - (held in the same burg where Old Glory Herself hid in exile during the horrible Confederacy times) some interesting stats were thrown down gauntlet style by "that one".

"We have three percent of the world's oil reserves and we use 25
percent of the world's oil."

The uncool appeal to deceive Americans and their innate sense of fair play is essentially that Great Satan sweetly reclines atop only 3% of mother earth's resources while unsweetly devouring 25% of Momie Earth's resources.
"The United States is the most voracious devourer of natural
resources ever. Its 296 million citizens spend over half a trillion dollars each year on energy. Over 40 percent of that energy comes from oil, of which the U.S. guzzles 20 million barrels, and growing, daily."

Even worse, Great Satan's insatiable appetites are queering the mix for tons of foreigners - especially those living under tribal or despotic rule.

"The international order is based in large part on American
domination that resembles imperialism. This can be seen from the disproportional advantage that the United States enjoys across several sectors related to the conditions necessary to sustain human life.

Not only is American the world’s largest consumer of resources, but
it also increasingly control the access to those resources giving this country a de facto strangle hold on life on our planet. Even where development takes place—to which the United States is frequently a contributor—that development often contributes to America’s increased superiority and dependence by the ‘partner’ on America’s assistance.

The inequalities caused by this situation perpetuate an environment
of oppression from which the majority of the people of the world are confined to an inhumane existence.

While indeed this could be changed by a radical shift in American
policy, such as the acceptance of a greater degree of equality and justice in the world, this is not happening."

Natch - the only hope for the entire world is for Great Satan to get into the fairness game and stop queering the mix.

"The changes that are necessary to allow for peaceful international
coexistence among all people and to preempt violent revolution must be substantive, not illusionary. They require a literal counter-revolution in American thinking about its goals and policy priorities.

They require a commitment to sharing the fruits of the world’s
natural and human resources more fairly among the people of the world. They require a system that holds authoritative actors accountable to ensure the rights that they have pledged to uphold in the numerous international undertakings that they have given their people and the world community at large.

If these goals cannot be accomplished the presently growing
environment of inequality and injustice will be become unsustainable and unbearable."

Otay - Let's review:

Great Satan - all by her lonesome is devastating the world's pop with her greedy, unbridled, unfair energy desires.


So what?

Look at what Great Satan does with her ill gotten, ill divy'd spoils:

In any endeavour - academics, arts, biz, communications, entertainment, health, medicine, science, tech, travel, space exploration and work enhancement - Great Satan leads the world.

Everything - from electric pencil sharpeners to Ipods. Americans have invented nearly everything in the last 60 years from Barbies and Hot Wheels to laser surgery and the WWW.

Plus, Great Satan doesn't hoard her unfair inventions like HIV meds or disaster relief.

Certain nations that sit atop most of the world's oil reserves have absolutely NO track record of humanitarian relief efforts in their own back yard - like a massive mud slide in Pakistan - let alone easing suffering around the world.

When did Mommie Russia act out to save lives? Or Red China? Or any of the 22 and a half members of the Arab League?

It's not unfair divides of energies that has made Great Satan truly great. It is her irresistable drive to fashion and uphold her tolerant, egalitarian society with all the trimmings - a military under civilian control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight, transparent and periodic elections, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny and an uncensored free press.

Whenever the 3% versus 25% screed is brought up - feel free to LOL and point out all Great Satan's accomplishments - and quiz the quizer that it might be way cooler to grant her the other 75%

art - GrEaT sAtAn dEvOuRs ReSoUrCeS


OmegaPundit said...

Wow, your writing is as sexy as a saxophone in a smoke filled jazz club, I am impressed. Besides that great points and I would be willing to debate that 3% garbage with anyone, because people seem to forget that we have a few trillion cubic feet of coal and shale we could be pulling energy from and cleanly I might add. But the Leftie enviro whack jobs don't want us touching it. As usual their argument is less some facts and nothing more than a talking point. So the 3% availability versus the 25% consumption is plain garbage. But great post!!

Skunkfeathers said...

Oblahblah is so full of crap. I know that's not terribly intellectual, but it's brevity and 100% true, stats-wise.

Khaki Elephant said...

I hope Bubba isn't the one "manning" that sexy sax.

That said, I love this post. It's not what you use but how you use it.

Karen said...

You mean the Great Satan isn't really the Great Satan? Otay! You're killing me. Keep up the great stuff, Courtney.

Janus said...

Cross-posted from the comments on Neoconstant:

1) The United States produces 8.3 million barrels of oil products. We consume 20.6 million barrels of day, meaning that we meet about 40% of our current needs. The United States DOES consume about 25% of the worlds oil, but we’re also the world’s 3rd largest producer of oil at about 10%. The largest producer of oil on earth supplies 12% of the world’s oil. Our proven reserves were estimated at 21 billion barrels in 2005, but that number has actually increased to about 29 billion barrels in 2008. Oh, and America imports more oil from Canada than any other country, at 2.4 million barrels per day.

Translation: 25% consumed, 3% owned is an absolutely ridiculous way of looking at the situation. I’m saddened that no one has the wherewithal to call bullshit on that.

2) Half a trillion dollars is ~3.8% of our GDP. Assuming that his figures are correct (the others are, even if twisted horribly out of context) that means that almost 4% of our wealth goes to importing energy. EVERYBODY PANIC!!

The rest of what you quoted I won’t bother with. That kind of “America is EVIL” whiny self-hating drivel I don’t have the patience to deal with.