Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Great Satan's recent panty raid into Syria (in broad daylight - no less!) initiated a few martyrs for sure and may have scored with an especial guest or two - along with all their ipods, laptops, diaries and Franklyn Planners.

No Surprise - the nearly 500 mile border has been a transit point for wanna be jihadis and AQ jerks too.

Multi Nat'l Force Commander (West) General Kelly pointed out last week

"Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi intelligence forces feel that
al Qaeda operatives and others operate, live pretty openly on the Syrian
side. And periodically we know that they try to come across."

So far the heat generated by such robust activity has been totally unwonderous.

Bashar's state controlled media paints a Twilight Zone version of the episode - instead of Great Satan throwing down some righteous payback on sworn enemies in Al Qaeda - wicked Americans struck a building chock full of precious innocents (ala Pakistan) in a high tech militarized drive by shooting.

Impotent - uh, that should read important, orgs like the Arab Doctors Union, The Arab Lawyers Union, the Syrian Union of Journalists along with communist partyless parties in Greece, Prague and Belgium all decried such brazen "hideous" activity."

Basharopolis lets loose protesters around the American Embassy just in time for it to close.

Even inappropriate, boring handwringers here at home - who are, honestly making a great case for drug testing journalists with their critically boring uninformed ideas, are flat tore up that Great Satan has teased and then dissed Al Assad.

Alas, ne're a one of them possess any air defense systems, a military - or even a single cruise missile between them.

Non profit jawflapping from real players like France, Russia and China features the usual sincere blocs of insincerity.

Little Satan, Hiz'B'Allah and Syria's conscript army are all alledgedly on alert - lest Great Satan act out and repeat the delish trick or treat - returning the fave with something lethally sweet.

Plus upping the ante in the weak and hytsterical laughability factor is that Syria is appealing to the UN.

Good luck with that!

Bashar's dilemma (entirely self inflicted) is that the Lion of Syria is pitifully weak - unable to impede any actions by Great Satan or Little Satan - and in a crunk and disorderly hood like the ME - the shame and honor blame game must be going into overtime.

It's actually quite easy to understand.

Like the old 10th grade adage some girls learn the hard way (NPI!) -

"dress like a hootchie, act like a hootchie, get treated like a hootchie"
Let's review:

"Only three years ago, Syrian intelligence agents helped bring yet
more carnage to Beirut when a ton of high explosives killed Rafiq Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister, and 21 bystanders.

Two years ago, Syria cheered on a key ally, Hizbollah, when it
started a war against Israel that claimed at least 1,300 lives.

Last year, Israeli jets destroyed a suspected nuclear facility,
perhaps linked to North Korea's illicit weapons programme, concealed in the Syrian desert."

Essentially, if nation states (and any of the myriad of ineffectual, short leashed NGO's) are truly concerned with Great Satan acting out and striking across precious 'sovereign borders' - time to man up and ensure none of Great Satan's sworn enemies are in their hood.

Consider it a trick or treat type command decision.

Art - Trick or Treat for Syria?


Jenn Sierra said...

Drug testing I like that one. I'm so glad the raid was successful. Go USA!

AI said...

It annoys me no end that for the most part, media circles are all too happy to overlook Syria's aggressions and non-western interests – thanks for the ‘let’s review’. Wonder how same would pan out during an Obama Presidency, not that I am assuming the latter just yet...

Steve Harkonnen said...

It's funny, my dentist is from Damascus and while he's working on my teeth we talk about geopolitics...he left Syria for the same reasons we would.

Debbie said...

This was a smart move by the US forces, an appetizer of sorts. I don't think Syria wants any more, heh

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth