Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot Rockets

Commonwealth's RIA Novosti's Nikita Petrov pointed out the recent Munich shindig is proving Dr Robert Kagan's caveat about the natural divide between a league of Hot! Democrazies and the wicked Axis of Autocrazies.

Like nuke powered weaponry - or even pillow talk about reductions.

"What will be subject to these cuts? Only nuclear warheads, as the United States proposed earlier, or carriers as well? How will they be counted - only those carried by missiles, or including those stationed in depots? Aren't London and Washington trying to disarm Russia unilaterally? It is common knowledge that the Russian conventional forces do not compare with those of the United States, and Russia can only guarantee its security with nuclear arms."

Dr Yevgeny Bendersky (Oh! He got game! ) recently shared some interesting intell about how Great Satan's makebelieve attempt to banish or at least reduce nuclear weaponry is going over deep inside the citadels of power and Grand Strategy in Vladland.

"Lieutenant-General Gennady Evstafiev (Ret.) of the External Intelligence Service (SVR), recently commented on the Russian view of such arms reductions to the daily "Izvestia." In particular, Evstafief noted a few issues that, in his opinion, are not getting due coverage by the White House.

"Such deep reductions in Russian and American nuclear arsenals are impossible without involving other countries in the process. While such potential discussion may go well with France and the United Kingdom, questions still remain about the nuclear armament of China. Beijing's constantly growing nuclear arsenal is not limited by any international treaties, and does not allow for any transparency.

Obviously, Russia and China are strategic partners, but the overall discussion on strategic nuclear armaments should not leave any questions."

General Evstafief also noted that any deep cuts in strategic nuclear armaments must be underpinned by a strong level of mutual trust between the two countries.

"But currently, United States has not reversed any of its mistaken and destabilizing assumptions, such as NATO's advance to the east, placement of military infrastructure in eastern European countries, militarization of space and the Arctic, militarization of Ukraine and Georgia and the doctrine of offensive capability beyond the NATO zone."

"In order to move towards nuclear armament reductions, United States should show us and the entire world that it respects international stability and mutually-beneficial partnership. However, this hasn't happened yet."

"America is very sensitive when it comes to Iran's nuclear potential, but basically looks the other way when it comes to Israel's, Pakistan's and now even India's nuclear arsenal, thus undercutting the International Non-Proliferation Treaty."

The General fretted that Great Satan's fully crunk 30 year in the future military sweetly enjoys

"overwhelming superiority in conventional weapons - especially high tech. US is capable of concentrating massive offensive groups practically anywhere in the world, with support of a wide military infrastructure - which is getting closer and closer to Russia's borders."

"And now imagine how differently US may have behaved during Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia if it wasn't sure of the adequacy and guarantee of Russian nuclear response."

No doubt! Certain cats in Beijing, Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Pyongyang imagine THAT kind of difference every day.

Art - “Yukari Morita”


Skunkfeathers said...

The Russkies shouldn't worry; Obama will give away the store to appease the Islamofascists, so there'll be some goodies in the giveaway for them, too. Obama will take our "30 year in the future military" and reduce it's technological advantages, 'cuz it ain't fair that we're the big dawg on the block...we shouldn't be bigger and badder than our enemies...

Debbie said...

You find some of the greatest images!
Thanks for giving the source of the images.

Skunkfeathers is right, there should be none of that "disproportionate" response, each side should have everything equal... Same number and kind of weapons, soldiers, etc. Oh wait, the Islamists don't have SOLDIERS.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

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