Monday, February 23, 2009


Irony - (noun) the difference between what is expected and what actually occurs.

Asharq Alawsat spills the wickedly delightful news that in media controlled Persia, Supreme Leader's cyber coppers have nixed former Iranian President (and perhaps future Prez) Khatami's website.

What the heck?

The Web sites, and, were set up last summer in anticipation of Khatami's candidacy. They could not be accessed from inside Iran on Saturday, though they were viewable outside the country. Khatami's own campaign site,, was still accessible.

Behrouz Shojaei, editor of one of the sites says

"Closing down our Web sites means hard-liners are not going to tolerate Khatami challenging Ahmadinejad."

So does this mean Khatami is one of those magical moderate mullah minions?

Whoa. Hold up. Let's review:

A "reformist" and "moderate" who doesn't really dig the ultimate destruction of Little Satan - yet really loves Hiz'B'Allah - whose mission statement is - well - the ultimate destruction of Little Satan?

Yeah, right.

"In 1984, as minister of culture and Islamic propagation, he presided over the creation of Hiz'B'Allah, Iran’s proxy army of terrorists in Lebanon and elsewhere. He thought that was exactly what the Islamic Republic of Iran needed to do to expand its influence around the world."

"Just one year into his term, his intelligence service murdered in horribly brutal fashion Darioush and Parvaneh Forouhar, leaders of the Iran Nation’s Party, then the best-organized opposition in Iran. The following year, Khatami quashed the student rebellion that began at Tehran University among INP members and sympathizers including Marzeporgohar (Iranians for a Secular Republic) and quickly spread to 18 other cities across Iran."

Since nothing in Persia really happens without the blessing or 'yo kay' of Supreme Leader - this move by Mullahopolis to block Khatami's bid for the figurehead presidency may be a smokescreen of sorts.

Or it may be a signal to Great Satan that Supreme Leader doesn't really want any high level 'hello's' at all.

Khatami is no moderate, no reformer and no buddy to democracy.

Like this event way back in 2004

"The students at Tehran University were chanting, jeering, clapping and whistling - and President Mohammed Khatami couldn't stand it.

'Shame on you! Shame on you!' they shouted. "Where are are your promised freedoms?'

"Be human!" Khatami shouted in heavily accented english "If you are the representatives of the people - than I am the enemy of the people"


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