Saturday, February 7, 2009

Münchner Sicherheitkonferenz

The annual Munich Security Conference kicked off in Munich (where else?) this week and a few interesting bits emerged from a conference that may be the ultimate in non profit jawflapping.

Aside from the usual entre of niceities affably delivered by an old friend - Dr Wolfgang Ischinger - the event featured Great Satan's VP Biden who shared some news.

"America will do more. That's the good news. The bad news is that
America will ask for more from our partners as well."

Also on the roster was Great Britain's right Honourable (and Right Hot!) David Miliband, the ancient divine avatar of Realpolitik Dr Henry Kissinger, hissy fitting Mullah minion Larijani who bared rotting fangs and struck a belligerent tone

Dr Ischinger may have totally teutonically summed up the conference with it's talks and thoughts on Grand Strategy, NATO, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and the Balkans.

"It is well-known that there is nothing better in life than a
well-defined enemy