Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heave Ho

Great Satan scores righteous payback today and proves she don't play!

A wonderful reminder to friends, frenemies and enemies that

"The link between global freedom of the seas and foreign policy has been a driving force in modern world history. Like Britain before us, the U.S. is a commercial power whose economic interests have led it to play a unique global role in the interests of making the world hospitable to its investments and trade.

The Pax Britannica and the Pax Americana have both rested on sea power, and any country that challenges America's ability to secure vital sea lanes risks the full weight of U.S. military power."

If anybody wants a large-scale military conflict with a Great Satan that is angry, aroused and united, endangering American vessels is the right way to get one.


Even Sweeter and ironically delish is the happy fact that DDG 96 bears the name of one of Great Satan's original pirate killers from way back in the last millennium.

Art - "USS Bainbridge gives Somali Pirates ye olde heave ho!"


Donald Douglas said...

Nice posting, Courtney!

Anonymous said...

Not "ironic," but certainly coincidental.