Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taiwan Trouble?

Tiny tiny Taiwan lies on the periphery of a major power, in this case China, growing in strength in recent years. Casting covetous eyes on resource rich Siberia may not be absolutely clear, but with regard to Taiwan, China is unambiguous in its assertion of sovereignty and its intention to absorb it in the long-run.

Any tips?

1) Be careful about security commitments. They mean something. Don’t make them unless you mean it.

Continue to make clear to China, including through military planning and deployments, the U.S. security interest in a peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues and the unacceptability of a Chinese attack, so that Beijing will not be tempted to see in the Georgia crisis a model for resolution of its own irredentist aims.

2) Don’t provoke the dragon, expecting the eagle to fly to the rescue.

(3) A constructive relationship between America and major powers is essential to the security of vulnerable states;

(4) Geography matters;

(5) Speak softly when you don’t plan to carry a big stick; and

(6) Credibility is global.

Currently, China's strategic footing in Taiwan is growing at the expense of America's.

"Despite this new dynamic the United States is not eager to push the cause of Taiwanese independence given that Sino-Taiwanese cooperation is growing on a number of fronts, Chinese cooperation is needed on pressing global challenges, and, perhaps most importantly, Taiwan itself is not pushing for it aggressively."

"The history of the China-Taiwan standoff and the recent rise in tensions as China's growing determination to reclaim Taiwan meets increasingly defiant Taiwanese assertions of independence."

The tension about Taiwan is always tight.

"Influenced by business interests eager to court China and conservatives loath to see Taiwan's plucky democracy swallowed by the Communist Leviathan, Washington placates Beijing with an official One China policy while selling arms to Taiwan and conveying a tacit promise to defend her against Chinese attack.

These mixed messages invite the two sides into miscalculations that could embroil America in war.

Taiwan upping the panty ante bling wise on her own defense and reaching out for a mutual defense pact with SoKo and Japan could keep the peace

Art - - "1st we do SoKo - then we do Taiwan"


Debbie said...

When we lived in Hawaii I led a women's prayer/Bible study group in our community weekly. We had women from just about every country in the world there, Hawaii is truly a melting pot.

One lady from Taiwan was so sweet and precious, but the stories she told about Taiwan were amazing. You don't hear the personal stories in the media. She love her country and prayed that America would not turn away from helping Taiwan.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth