Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song of General Kim Il Sung

NoKo's unfree media propagandizes that her magical missile payload reached orbit (contrary to free media reports) and is sweetly rocking out with NoKo's coolest tune ever.

"Song For General Kim IL Sung" - check out the lyrics:

"Changbai Hills roll, stained with blood

Yalu River meanders, soaked in blood

Today Free Chosŏn's wreath of glories Radiates holy rays

Vast snowy fields of Manchuria please tell me

Endless night deep in the Taiga please tell me

Immortal guerilla warrior, who is he?

Outstanding patriot, who is it?

Liberator of the working people, our saviour

Democratic new Chosŏn, great Sun

We rally around the 20 Principles

Everywhere in North Korea is spring

Oh- Our brilliant and beloved General

Oh- Our exalted leader General Kim Il-sung"


kevin said...

Spring time for Kin Il and No-Kor,
Winter for So-Kor and Ja-pan!

With apologies to the Producers movie.