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You know the type - uber hot arm candy - doesn't mind dining/drinking/dancing away up to $80.00 of your weekday larges on a Tuesday. You want to call her your GF - while she insists to all your near field competitors she's single. Periodically invites you up to crash (NOTHING HAPPENS) and actually cringes when ever you try for kiss. Aside from that kinda crazy run away bride look in her eye - her life really is crazy - like existing on the event horizon of a really bad about to happen event.

You wait and hope for a return text or call - panicking if it does or doesn't arrive. She hits you up for any and everything from cash to rides to hanging wrought iron doors 

As best understood - that is a dysfunctional relationship.

Can events in the eternal player quest be sexyfully segued right on in the realm of the diplopolititary?

Nishan - e - Haider!

Not unlike the dysfunctional relationship betwixt Great Satan and her only new clear rebellious client army with an illiterate nation state attached - Land of the Pure Alas, the past is after all the past - so what all happens next?

Hitting up GsGf's Pakistan expert (Oh! He got game bay bee!) intells there simply is no alternate for Land of the Pure sans Great Satan.

The fact is that Pakistan is extremely constrained in its options today. Unfair as it may be, the global narrative about Pakistan has forced even the best of friends to shy away from going the extra mile to back Islamabad’s case. Pakistani state policies have to be crafted keeping this reality in mind.

There is certainly a need to recalibrate the relationship with the US. That said, it is dangerous for the Pakistani state to create an impression that ties with America are a net negative and that "Slamabad will be better off without it. Let us face it — things may not be good at present, but they will be far worse if we go too far down this road. A breakdown may be bad for Washington, but it will be disastrous for Pakistan.

Against this backdrop--Pakistan careening from one crisis to the next and the Pakistan - Great Satan relationship at its lowest point in years--come two contrasting books from experts on the country.  

Somewhat disingenuously, Lieven downplays evidence of Pakistan's nuclear proliferation to Iran and Libya to make the case that a purely nationalistic impulse drove what Pakistan's own leaders have referred to as the Islamic bomb. Indeed, except for a passing jab at the army's obsession with India and the disputed territory of Kashmir, Lieven's book reads a bit like it was written by a general's houseguest. At times one can't help but wonder whether the author's self-declared affection for the country finds its deepest expression in regard for its men in khaki.

For a contrasting view of that institution, and of the threat emanating from Pakistan more broadly, one can turn to Bruce Riedel's Deadly Embrace. Riedel, a senior scholar at the Brookings Institution and one of Washington's most widely respected South Asia hands, chaired President Obama's interagency review of policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan completed in 2009. As a former CIA officer and advisor to three presidents on the Middle East and South Asia, Riedel has had a ringside view of Pakistan's evolution over three decades, and of its dysfunctional relationship with the U.S.

Pic - "Pakistan's State Motto could very well be sump like "Hey y'all! Watch this!"


Peter said...

Really nice blog. Keep it up. Nice posting here. Well done. Call Pakistan.

Themav1977 said...

Thats first part hit a bit too close to
Other than that interesting observations.
Nice job :)

Anonymous said...

So now you refrain from calling Pakistan a fakebelieve nation/state. That is wise, but much of this is unwise. Pakistan is a holy nation, you have dirtied the name when you speak it.

ironcapt said...

Nice one GSG. Reminds me of some of my crazy exes. You keep wanting to delete their number but you are afraid something bad will happen to them and they will need your help. You know its bad, but it might be worse if you cut them off.

And Mr Anonymous, I don't think an uber-fab blogger is going to do any more to sully the Land of the Pure's rep anymore than their leaders have over the last 10 years.

SJR200 said...

So now you refrain from calling Pakistan a fakebelieve nation/state. That is wise, but much of this is unwise. Pakistan is a holy nation, you have dirtied the name when you speak it.

WTF? I piss on your belief that Pakistan is a Holy Nation. LOL. Which part is Holy? The part that aided and hid Bin Laden? The part that actively engages US forces across it's border? Or maybe just the part that kills it's own citizens?

Keep your holy and shove it up your @ss.

radar76 said...

Wow glad to know Im not the only guy whos delt with that in the past...Lol....i guess the only thing i could advize here is as a friend of mine told me "Kick the bitch to the curb,change your locks,phone number ect and sleep with a gun under your pillow."

radar76 said...

Btw anon.....after yer done kissing that first ass you can come kiss mine....not for your belief but because your not man enough to leave an actual name ect here.

Anonymous said...

To all with respect.

Do you not see the girlfriend has mocked the Republic by using the holy Nishan e Hyder as the climax of a joke??

Pakistan highest military award the NH is only earned by those extraordinary bravest who gave their life in battle. It is not correct to mock it with a link exchange to silly women with questionably modesty issues.

Pakistan is right now in the midst of a brutal assault led by the U.S./Hindu/Zionist energy-greedy, global imperialists. Aiding them in their enterprise are CIA, RAW (Indian Intel), Mossad, and MI6.

They are targeting the complete destabilization of Pakistan, the destruction and dismantling of Pakistan's nuclear program, control of oil, gas, and mineral rich, strategically-located Baluchistan, and North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. The Indians are in it for their old Bharatmata (Greater India) plan of making Pakistan their satellite state.

So perhaps the Girlfriend could learn of these things and how The Great Satan culturally attacks Pakistan with lusted sin in fashion, music and films as well also.

A.L. Shawkat

Jpck20 said...

It is not correct to mock it with a link exchange to silly women with questionably modesty issues.

Ok nice troll. I lol'd.