Friday, August 5, 2011

Future Palestine

Something something Palestine is easily brought up in diplopolititary thought au courant - indeed the double nom d'guerre'd Abu Mazen/ M'moud Abbas and his recent pass at creating a Nakbah proof nation state of the same name is getting game..

Nation state creation is easily and earnestly discussed and the peculiar particulars of proto Palestine operational chicanery are brought up sans restraint or modesty - yet the one thing that -  from the mighty mighty Abu Muqawama (the good Abu Moqawama- not the evil Abu Moqawama) to the cat at Weenie Hut Juniors (always worrying about the wrong thing) - will never bust out a Ouija over is - what the heck will future Palestine be like?

Voting in one election does not a democrazy make - democrazy has to be protected and in the Strip and West Bank - Palestine's democracy has suicided itself - That Abbas/Mazen guy's unilateral extension of Fatah's West Bank power and HAMAS' fear of elections in the Strip.

Notice it's impossible to notice any hot! bits about how cool Future Palestine would be? What would she look like? Any chance of holding elections to validate her as a legit gov? Would Palestine's Panty Police still roam the streets? (Quick! Call for back up!)

Will girls schools, bookstores, casinos, strip clubs, churches and gay bars be zoned all together with cutting edge industrial zones, mosques, abortion clinics, breast cancer centers, yacht clubs shopping malls, education, high finance, fashion and concert halls? Will lottie dottie anybody be allowed to live there? What about a conscript or voltiguer defense force? Airspace?

An egalitarian sec sec secular (secular) society, with periodic xparent elections, uncensored press, an elected legal systems under elected gov oversight etc would indeed be sweet to see.

The most literate Arabs ever on the face of the earth (your choice - the Strip or the Ramallahopolis) pounding their AKM's, K'Ssams, K'Tushahs and K'GRADs into laptops and stripper poles in a joyous celebration of a fully functional democracy where fun and free choice reign instead of ye olde whee tarded shame, honor, gendercide and revanchist revenge driven parasite enclaves with rocket rich rejectionists and West Bank victimisticism.

Yet another tribalistic kleptocracy or a really cool version of an Arabic Little Satan - complete with real elections, free press, consenual gov, indy judiciaries and egalitarian concerns?

And that's the rub - particularly for realpolitik fans - always preaching about nat'l interests. Exactly what interests would serve Great Satan - right here, right now - in birthing Arab League's 23rd and 24th new ObL lovin' members? Would creating Palestine sweetly usher in a new error free era of peace, tolerance and get with it ness?

"We are all supposed to support the notion of a Palestinian state. Why? We know perfectly well what it would be like. Why should we wish for another gangster-satrapy to be added to the Arab roll of shame?"

“Unfeeling, heartless creator! You had endowed me with perceptions and passions, and then cast me abroad, an object for the scorn and horror of mankind”

So spake Dr. F's hand built critter at the fateful glacier meeting.

 Could creating Palestine be not unlike this experience? After all - the Waltsheimer Palestine Posse periodically pleas for Great Satan to refrain from acting out on a globestomping scale - yet getting all hot for Palestine practically ensures Great Satan will be globestomping  the very same Middle East Palestine fans pretend is best handled by the instantly obsolete "Offshore Balancing" meme

New Palestine will most likely lack the power (or will) to issue or honor such Nakbah proofing guarantees unless certain elements, their spiritual fanboys and rowdy foreigners are dissed, marginalized or destroyed.

Obviously, Palestine will need help. From whom?

The only cat would be Palestine's sponsor and creator - Great Satan. And don't kid yourselves kids - only Great Satan can make this happen

Simply put if this new nation state comes into being before terror groups are driven out of the gov, Palestine will require covert and overt American po po and military resources to defend herself against many of her own peeps. 

It will start by teaching the new nation/state how to fight her people. Most likely, Great Satan will find she is helping Palestine to fight Palestinians. In the end, America will be fighting Palestine's people on Palestine's behalf.

Most likely 2 brand new baby nation states - for whatever reasons (though failure to enforce Writ of State ala Land of the Pure certainly comes to mind) - may actually ignite the ignition on another war that will time machine the entire AO right back to Little Satan's accidental empire.

Or even worse for the Palestines - such combatty ops could actually result in a Greater Little Satan that may not be particularly interested in right of returning turf won yet again after eons of misery, on again off diplomacy and terrorism.

Pic - "Hey Courtney - If 2 million Palestinians in West Bank deserve a state, shouldn’t there be a state for 18 million Kurds?"


Recidivist said...

A very poetic column.

My gut still tells me that the proposed Palestinian Arab state will never come into existence -- the fetus will be aborted, or stillborn, or at most will quickly expire in the incubator.

If I'm wrong, though, we can be sure its main purpose would be as a staging area to launch attacks against Lil' S. As a state, it would arm itself, regardless of whatever pledges of nonmilitarization it had made. Iran and who knows what other Muslim states would contribute joyfully to its armament collection.

I'm keeping my other eye on Syria. When Assad falls, the situation on Lil S's northern border will be quite interesting. What will Assad's departute mean for Lebanon and Hizbollah? Will Iran have any influence in the new Syrian regime? How much?

Hopefully Assad will not make any military moves towards his southern border as a desparate last-ditch attempt to regain public support.