Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Comte d'guerre en sembe!

Ah, you know the type - dresses like a fashion star, parties like a rock star and looks like a porn star. Her short term memory is somewhat suspect and she's not above blowing up your fone the next day with interrogations on why cause she woke up without her britches on.

Visa statements and her innate super abilities to project conflicting signals aside, she's delightful no doubt with delightful assets in multi fields - yet her lifestyle is kinda crazy, on the edge and reckless - not unlike a decaying orbit near the event horizon of a really bad about to happen event.

May such true tall tales be segued straight up into the realm of the diplopolititary au courant?


See, Great Satan's hyperpuissant 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review macked about maintaining her one of a kind unique sexyful global hotness and all about “maintaining the ability to prevail against two capable nation-state aggressors” in “overlapping time frames.”

Only now 44's new PDF***ing template eschews words like 'prevail' or 'defeat' while resurrecting the ancient peace dividendy ideas of a leaner meaner smarter hotter ground force of This We'll Defend cats and leather necked Teufel Hunden.
“Forces will no longer be sized to conduct large-scale, prolonged stability operations.”  
Ouch. Ideally tho - Great Satan might wield her Wild Blue Yonder and Navy power to impose unacceptable costs on a second aggressor if extra additional long term conflicts break out, yet the forsakingment of Great Satan's raison d'etre from ye olde Axis and Allies era seems like hoping for the best..

Sending conflicting signals like
"Great Satan is the greatest force for freedom and security that the world has ever known.  And in no small measure, that’s because we’ve built the best-trained, best-led, best-equipped military in history
Followed up with 
"The size and the structure of our military and defense budgets have to be driven by a strategy, not the other way around.  Moreover, we have to remember the lessons of history.  We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past -- after World War II, after Vietnam -- when our military was left ill prepared for the future." 
If wars could be won with Drones Gone Wild! and superior tech alone that would be sweet indeed, yet history kinda sorta makes the case that nothing is ever truly random. Stacking up a myriad of strategies to drive military requirements may sound great in a climate controlled environ like a class room - yet mil reqs should be fleshed out with like, you know - actual and projected threats by cats who could be considered enemies -
“After every major conflict in the last century, the United States has cut its military, only to have to painstakingly rebuild it the next time our security is threatened. Sadly, this strategy repeats the mistakes of the past. History has taught us this is a perilous course, expensive in both lives and treasure.”
"An honest and valid strategy for national defense can't be founded on the premise that we must do more with less, or even less with less.  Rather you proceed from a clear articulation of the full scope of the threats you face and the commitments you have.  You then resource a strategy required to defeat those threats decisively. One does not mask insufficient resources with a fuzzy world view and a strategy founded on hope and a hollow force. "
If Great Satan is no longer hot to be the sole guarantor of world peace of the world she herself hath created, it's gon be a crazy assetted place indeed. America will not be able to prevent the next major war forever. At the same time, the world will not cease to produce fuhrers, Parises, Kaisers, Kim Il-sungs, S'Ddams or even the next gen of Super Villans like OBL. 

Pic - "Only the dead have seen the end of war."


sykes.1 said...

If you have to cut, it makes sense to cut infantry rather than aircraft carriers. Serviceable infantry can be trained up in a few months, but it take at least 5 years to get a new carrier and more than one year to get one out of mothballs.

The new infantry will not be as good as our current elite forces, but that's life.

Anyway, you still have almost 700,000 elite ground troops plus experienced, trained reserves.

Chill out.

David Brooks said...

"She herself hath created" So, right. Interesting/unique analysis on the time/circumstances needed to raise a force as good at peacemaking as our current mil.