Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking A Leak

"Have a nice day buddy"

Teufel Hunden for 'Piss on you," perhaps?

Is any unimaginable 'outrage' sparked by rowdy Leather Neckers unwinding by taking a leak on the faces of freshly killed jerks worrying about the wrong thing?
"This behavior dishonors the sacrifices and core values of every service member representing the 50 nations of the coalition" 
Oh, please! Seriously?


Yours truly hit up 2 Army Field Graders that both agreed - it ain't cool.

Major Lyons of West Point Radio and CBS News Radio network On-Air Military Analyst:
"It's never ok Courtney, like it or not, we have a higher standard - it's called respect - sad not one Marine of four stopped it - poor discipline in that unit"
Major Burke of USAREUR and Wings Over Iraq says it violates Great Satan's Higher Standards:
"I would say so. How do we maintain the moral high ground? Could you piss on a prisoner?"
Is dissing dead Taliban truly a sin?  After all, these are the voltigueres of intolerant girl face slicer offers, girl beaters, innocent civilian killers/tormenters and creepy nastiness in general

A certain Teufel Hunden NCO pointed out in private correspondence it could have been worse - using freshly bleached skulls as HumVee hood ornaments 

In contrast - Teufel Hunden at Fallujah were somewhat appreciative of doped up, amped up insurgentcy efforts to retrieve wounded or fallen comrades and weaponry and tho't enough to mercy kill serious wounded effing fakers on Holy Ground. LOL! Paradise in the shadow of the blade indeed!

The COL G friendly, kill and break stuff COINlicious K2C Document makes the literally killer point about combatty ops and the hello of winning friends and influencing ppl
The population should not be asked to pick sides. They should merely be informed that the Army will win, and that should be demonstrated to them, as forcefully and unequivocally as possible. No one should be confused that if you fight the Army/Security Forces, you will die or be captured. Evidence should be literally laid before them. There should be no more complicated message than that. (Editorial note - the slanted words got all slanted courtesy Courtney)
Another common issue raised in defence of a seeking a greater cultural understanding is that of the risk of “blood feuds.” This is nearly always mooted in terms that unnecessary lethal force creates unnecessary enemies, as in killing one insurgent somehow creates more. This idea rests on a great many unexamined assumptions, and almost no actual evidence.  
It may have happened. So what? Tribal peoples who are familiar with the blood feud idea do not use its existence as an objection to violence  
Direct hit! Fire For Effect! Even the Taliban Peace Talkers dismiss the incident as not worthy of worry
"This is not a political process, so the video will not harm our talks and prisoner exchange because they are at the preliminary stage."
 Getting all LOLable leaky over recent perfumed gardens of paradise haj'ing killers is actually a wonderful unconflicting signal to signal:

Standards aside - it effectively communicates Great Satan"s uparmored cats are not particularly interested in dead head choppers, disputes Talibani ideas are worth dying for or getting pizz'd on and underscores the hap hap happy fact that Great Satan's Globe, Eagle and Anchor Leather Neckers built the modern world. 

And they know their way around.

Pic - "Sometimes you bring them the love. Sometimes you bring them the hate.”


oifwark9 said...

Love your blog young lady. I like your take on most things. I have some mixed feelings on this subject being a former Marine and combat vet from Iraq. Could this have been worse, yes. Do they do worse to their prisoners and enemy bodies, absolutely. Still as the 2 field grades pointed out we are held to a much higher standard. Like it or not, that is one thing that seperates us from them. This photo is a disgrace, possibly worse than the photos from Abu Ghrab.
I understand that things happen at times and you really want to take it out on your enemy to the point where killing them is just not enough. You want to make an example out of them to dissuade anyone else from attempting the same thing. Personaly I would have gone with the bleached skulls on the humvee just because it would looked cooler.
However just because our enemy stoops to these levels doesn't mean that we can or should. So by these Devil Dogs taking a video of them pissing on some dead insurgents they have brought a shame upon all of us, who have fought, bleed and died over there to bring freedom to another nation. Am I pissed that they did this, hell yeah, but I'm even more pissed off that these dumbasses took a video of it and poste it for the world to see!

Raedwulf said...

back in the U.S. civil war CSA icon Nathan Bedford Forrest discovered that Union partisans had defiled some confederate dead. Shortly thereafter some union troops were found with their dismembered penises in their mouths. The abuse of confederate dead stopped. These marine's actions will cause the enemy to respond in ways you will not like.