Thursday, January 12, 2012

Return Of Drones Gone Wild!

"Told 'em you were living downtown - driving all the old men crazy"

May such a delightful little ditty from the Before Time be applied like 'kini wax to the literally killer New Year's debut of those knotty hottie airborne weaponized fiendish thingies? 

Direct Hit! Fire For Effect!

See, since the "Dang! Sorry, Ya'll - Won't Happen Again" event featuring Great Satan accidentally on purpose baring her fangs and sending a signal that ebberdobby in weapons range can easily understand - Drones Gone Wild! took a brief battery rechargin' hiatus from Great Satan"s uber hot Land of the Pure Tour

And that hiatus was hurtfully unhelpful as assorted jerks and creeps wasted no time attempting to get fully recrunk to deploy and enjoy murderous mayhem

Boring assetted, inappropriate, weak handwringing - or unverifiable jawflapping aside - das Drones vom Schadenfreude extends from tactical LOLs to Strategic ROFLs  

Why cause?


Drones Gone Wild are the bootaylicious  pièce de résistance of 44"s Counter You Know What designs - not only in sunny sunny climes betwixt Nile n Indus - yet a more bigger player part in 44"s PACRIM Pivot(PDF) as well.

Have Pakistan's Corp Commanders - the Princes of Power - sweetly in secret connived with Great Satan for more Drones Gone Wild? Or is Great Satan slipping them in sans heads up repeatedly, without modesty or restraint?

‘Strategically harmful but tactically advantageous’.
 Don't know - don't care. And it really matters not, nicht wahr? Regardless of any risible concerns of nation/state sovereignty for a nation/state (of sorts) that, for whatever reasons cannot seem to enforce Writ of State, such a magical place tends to function as a drone magnet. Any probs with Pakistan re: Drones Gone Wild! are like totally sidestepped.

There may be tiny tiny tactile tactical dronus interruptus from time to time yet such buzz kills will be very short - and very exciting.  

Pic - " Oh! It's the only game in town bitches!"