Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aegypt"s Next Revolution


Araby"s mommieland - the horrific girl hatin, book burning Pyramidland has really had the chiz offa hook bay bee!!

 Egypt"s Supreme Military Command (truly a misnomer - despite having their very own M1 Panzer Factory, Egypt is a rapidly computerizing Police State that seems to only be able to brutally enforce Writ of State on hoochies, girls and free thinking fun lovers - that cannot seem to grip a grip on things regionally - like keeping Sinai free of rocket rich terrorists, putting paid to unacceptable behaviour in Khartoum a decade back or even Lib Lib Libya last spring - enough to make ya weep, nicht wahr?).

Since the High Court LOL"d the idea of a fresh new Ikwhanese Parliament and dissolved power right back to the Military - Aegyot"s Next Revolution is only a shot away.

"SCAF’s decision to dissolve the parliament is null and void because it is not based on any constitutional legitimacy, principle or procedure."

 Sooo - is Great Satan is left in the unenviable position of cheering on 7th Century thinking or hooking up with last millennium"s uncool Realpolitikisch Realism and saying "Yay!! Military Dictatorship!" ? 
"So does it make sense for America's government to take up the doctrine of “neo-conservative” naivete and demand a Brotherhood victory over the army in Egypt? A proper American government would — and I apologize for the “amoral” requirements of realpolitik — secretly be backing the military to keep the Brotherhood out of power."
"What circumstances are more appropriate for sending arms and money? When the Ikwahn dominates a parliament, the presidency, has written a constitution mandating Sharia law, and follows a policy of death to Great and Little Satan? Who are you going to cheer for if m"Hammedists rebel against the regime?"
And zzzzzzzz.

That type of pitiful thinking is funnily 2 dimensional with unfunny consequences. As one Senatorial cat LOL"D  
 “I would not want to see Great Satan write checks for contracts with Egypt’s military under the present uncertain circumstances.” 

While it is true that the cool kids in Neoconic Circle are some what split in regards to cheering on future and au courant protesters or suddenly thinking the ancient corrupt cult of stability is suddenly hip, hot and all together with it - this is actually a thingamajig about 'style over substance"

Plus, a Caliphate by design would attempt to time travel way back to when m"Hammedism was superior to the wicked women worshipping West:
"That goal is impossible to achieve. It is inconceivable in this modern world that a whole country could wall itself off from modernity, even if the majority wanted to. Could the great theocracy that al Qaeda and others hope to erect ever completely block out the sights and sounds of the rest of the world, and thereby shield their people from the temptations of modernity? The mullahs have not even succeeded in doing that in Iran. The project is fantastic"
Aside from Clashing Smashing caliphates - any caliphate would be doomed to a struggle they couldn't win - the extreme goals hotly desired by even a semi extreme regime can never be satiated simply because Great Satan, Europa, Commonwealth Russia, China etc, etc are just not capable of retreating as fast and far as a caliphate would require.

Great Satan should ideally announce a temp suspension of military aid (billions per annum)  and launch a high profile fact finding commission about inadvertently funding V Checks (or the ever popular Pantie Police) which seem more like aggressive sex attacks than any sane vetting procedures. 

Also couldn't hurt to wonder out loud why Egypt's mighty mighty military - complete with an M1 panzer factory - cannot for whatever reasons put it to a real use like oh - say, maintaining Writ of State over Sinai or getting hot for Libya, Darfur, Somalia, Sudan or Syria.

Foreign Peace Mongers could flood and floodlight Aegypt with tons of blue ribboned fact finding commissions - sanctioned by the UN - natch. Sir Elton and Lady Gaga could spearhead a tolerance drive - publicly lamenting the lack of strip clubs, casinos and gay bars. 

Uncle Tony, 42 and 43 could wonder aloud why cause Aegypt is great at making sure no censor free transmissions are allowed in, yet home grown Xians are tormented to the point of exile - or even extinction

See, Ploislam kinda semi totally advocates continuing to torment girls and threaten chiz 'bout re estabbing the ancient nat"listic dream of ancient Caliphating Preacher Command 
"Our capital won't be Mecca or Medina, but J"lem, millions of shahids will march on the city! The whole world should know - and we say it clearly - our goal is J"lem, we shall pray in J"lem, and if not - we shall die as martyrs on its ruins."  

And therein lies the silver lining in the "kini waxin"

Never, ever back a dictatorship. If Persia, Hiz"B"allah and the Strip fail to impress on Aegypt that Preachers can preach ok, yet they totally suck at any Statecraft that actually makes the nation/state (of sorts) a more better place - then it could and should be considered a learnable moment.  No one is hoping Pyramidland goes off on a crazy assetted trip like Iran or the Strip did.

Yet maybe it would cure a few misconceptions and fire up some critical thinking if Polislam sucks out loud til the next electile dysfunctioneering Election time

Since Aegypt rocks the world as a world leader only in collecting Foreign Aid and Black Veil Brides Complexes -   we get it - Slamists don't like liberal democrazy, free thinking, free press, girls gone wild, emo/goth/hip hop, cool hair dos (and a few hair don'ts), Little Satan, Great Satan's policies around the globe, fashions au courant, fun or free choice and amazingly seem to equate anything nonm"Hammedist as being an attack on m"hammedism. Tolerance ain't in their vocab. And they all seem soooo hot for something something Sharia Law

Break out the ouija board binocs for an upclose zoom in on a potential caliphate Pyramidland style

Ebberdobby knows,  that sec sec secular Nat"lism - like Nasser, Comrade Poppa Arafat or old man Assad has been dissed by the M"Sk as preachers seek to increase their power an influ with their fav answer - more "Slamim shiz. Yet, replacing one wordly despotry for a holy one is hardly gon fix anything!!

Thinking out loud about the worst a mullahocrazy provides would practically guarantee another revolution. PO'ing the world with terrorism, shutting down the Suez, trying to time travel back to the 7th century would make the regime as illegit as the military rule it replaced. Sans foreign aid (a hard line gov would lose it overnight) a blizzard of sanctions would ensure the entire sorry mess would collapse - thus again - like Iran and the Strip - prove preachers may be great at preaching but they totally suck at statecraft

How long could a supercaliphatedocious regime hang on in a nation state about to bust with kids without devouring their young?  

After all, if Aegypt were to get all Ikwhan and actually attack a democratic member of UN - the result would most likely be very fast, very exciting and very lethal to yet another Arab gov that provides zero services, benefits, and future to her own peeps - just more torment, lost wars and lost turf 

Pic - "Rise Up! And Celebrate Life - you're not alone in our ritual"  

Especial thanks to Marc Reul Geracht, Josh Muravchek and Andy Biersack 


Rob said...

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I disagree with you here. I see what I consider a couple of serious misconceptions.

First,the Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood)is not about 'walling itself off' but spreading its doctrine to become a worldwide caliphate.Read al-Banna sometime.

Second, they by no means are against using modern technology to achieve that goal.

And third, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a reaction to the major rise in food prices and staples and the inability of the Mubarak Government to provide subsidies.

The Mubarak regime, like that of Ben Ali and Assad is a relic of the old style 'Arab Nationalism'.

The Ikhwan's appeal lies in the failure of these relatively secular regimes and the Islamist's message that only returning to true Islamic rule and Sharia will allow the Arabs to be great and dominant again.

The economic data and the demographics don't support this, but hey, who said most of these people are looking at it objectively?

One things certain is that the vast majority don't want even the minimum of what we would consider freedom. In fact, their Islamic culture teaches them to regard it with fear and loathing.

Some people might feel we can somehow 'export' freedom and democracy to the Arab world, but every time it's been tried shows they're kidding themselves and that the 'customers' ain't buying.

We'd be far better of concentrating on victory in this war than on dubious exercises in nation building and military interventions with unclear goals and ridiculous ROE.


Michal said...

There are some good suggestions about putting the pressure on Egyptian junta through military aid, but flooding the city with foreign observers, Lady Gaga and Elton John talking about gay bars seems rather counterproductive, if the objective is to warm the country up to liberal democracy.

Furthermore, you talk a lot about islamism, but you make the common mistake of failing to discern within its strands. The salafists attacking the Christians were most likely Al Nour party members, which are distinct from Muslim Brotherhood and consider it to be too moderate to their liking.

When you talk about Sharia, it's worth discerning what kind of Sharia we're talking about. The Muslim Brotherhood so far hasn't launched a debate that would go beyond banning bikinis and alcohol - both of which could as well happen in Bible Belt, but we hardly see international uproar over Alabama.

Muslim Brotherhood itself is divided into various strands, more radical or more moderate. Though if true the news from Israeli officials about the rocket attack are worrying, this claim is not backed by any evidence, and it's very well possible it might be part of another international or internal game they might be, potentially, playing.

Rob said...

Hmmm..genocidal Muslim Brotherhood outfit running Gaza attacks Jews in Israel, just like they have hundreds of times before...and this is a Mossad black op? OHHH-KAY.

You're right Michal, there are different strands of Islamism, especially when it comes to tribal differences. But they all have major philosophical ideas and methods in common: Islamic triumphalism, lack of freedom of press and religion, the inferiority an reduced rights for non-believers, homosexuals, and women, and rule by sharia. And sharia,while there are minor differences between the four main Islamic fiqhs, underlines this.

The Taliban, Lashkar-e-taiba, Jaimayah Islamiah and Hamas are all Islamists, and all have thei differeences, but their end goals are more similar than not.

The most popular Muslim Brotherhood cleric and the one with the biggest following is Yusef al-Qaradawi, whose following is universal throughout the Arab world...and whose opinions on wife beating, clitorectomies, genocide towards Jews and Israel,Muslim superiority and a host of other subjects get him an al Jazeera audience of millions of listeners throughout the Islamic world, particularly in the Arab world.

Let me know when you see anyone championing these things in Alabama and being taken seriously.

The Islamists might have a few tribal and political differences, but they are essentially fascists.

As for who attacked the Copts (on many occasions) does it matter? They won't be punished, nor is there any great outcry for them to be punished or even investigated.That says a great deal right there.

Can you imagine 20 or 30 Muslims being killed by a mob or having a mosque firebombed in Labama or anywhere else in America with no public outcry and law enforcement going full on to find and try the perpetrators?

Once again, democracy and freedom by any sane definition is not what the vast majority of these people want, and there's no sense pretending by trying to nuance things that really have no bearing on the final, and inescapable conclusion.


Michal said...

Though no doubt the Muslim brotherhood is sympathetic to cause of Gaza, one has to wonder what exactly would be the political benefit in launching anonymously a single rocket attack that doesn't seem to have caused much damage. Again, there's no factual evidence, there is barely any motive, and as Haaretz itself states, it defies the usual stance of Muslim Brotherhood. So, I am rather sceptical about the whole thing.

Furthermore, I've had the pleasure of knowing a great radio operator from the American army who was a muslim. I didn't notice anything him advocating for reduced rights of women or non-believers.

No doubt, the Middle East is a different case when it comes down to these. But when judging political developments, judge the political developments. So far all the moves for restriction of rights (beyond bikinis and alcohol) seem to have come from the Junta. What exactly has been so dangerous about the Brotherhood dominated parliament so far? What concrete steps has it taken against minorities or rights?

Qaradawi is a complicated figure, and there's not enough space here to discuss him, (but suffice to say he spoke in favour of banning FGM if it harms women psychologically and physically, which it does).

If you want to decry Egyptian politics, then talk about politics and not about hoodlums on the streets, who in all likelihood don't belong to Muslim Brotherhood.
It does matter who are these hoodlums attacking Christians, because inevitably in every country there are extremists, even including America. The point is to discern how much real traction do they have upon the society.

Rob said...

I'm afraid you're simply wrong. Th eattacks killed one Israeli national ( an Arab) and wounded a number of border police. I call that pretty serious, especially since these attacks in the past have killed 20 Israeli civilians and wounded others.

Also bringing up a hypothetical American Muslim is extremely off topic and shows you're grasping for straws. The type of bigotry common in the Middle East and based on Islam and sharia are not common in America...although it's not for lack of trying by Muslim Brotherhood fronts like CAIR and the MPAC.

Finally, Qaradawi is more than a 'complicated figure'. He's a genocidal bigot who favors wife beating, FGM, Islamist triumphalism and hopes the Arabs commit a second Holocaust. I gave you the quotes and references in my earlier link.You in favor of that?

The point is that these 'hoodlums in the street' are the same people you keep touting as 'pro-democracy rebels'. It's very obvious that (a) It's not just a few hoodlums and (B) They favor exactly the sort of Islamist fascism the Brotherhood stands for.

You can't have it both ways.

Michal said...

I brought in the "hypothetical muslim" because I read "islam" and not "islamism" in your previous post. My apologies.

Regarding Qaradawi: you've provided a quote, and I've provided you a quote.
FGM is an issue few are educated about in muslim world and subsequently leaves many tolerant to it. Qaradawi has made it clear, as I've linked in my post, that FGM is undesirable if harmful - which it is, and therefore it is banned under islamic law. It's quite clear that he altered his initial position, but did so in a way without making it seem like he flip flopped. Like most prominent imams, he's also a kind of a politician. But the main point is, he spoke against FGM.

What's next. Beating. I've looked at your sources and it's a quote from MEMRI, an israeli run organization notorious for misquoting everything in a very particular way. I've looked elsewhere, to Wikipedia and one can again find contradictory claims. On one hand a Telegraph article says he endorses it, but an official record of the dialogue he held in London at the time records his claims that an ideal husband should never beat his wife and that the wife has a right to fight back.
This might seem like a contradiction, but in my dialogue with muslims regarding the passages about wife beating in Koran, there's usually two explanations offered: either it's symbolic beating, or that it was included as a means of not making the husband go to hell if he does happen to lose his nerve. Just because something is "permitted" does not make it desirable. It just means it's not punishable by eternity in hell. But in this case, Qaradawi is clearly condemning it.

I wanted to read about his stance on homosexuals but it lead me to Memri again, or in case of wikipedia islamonline.ne, which is also defunct. I would probably guess he does not take too kindly to gays, he is an islamic cleric after all, but does it mean he supports stoning them? I don't know.

I've moved on to apostatsy, and the link you've offered is dead. I moved on to wikipedia and it links islamopedia, which is clearly founded for a very specific purpose. Wikipedia links his efatwa which condemns "intellectual apostasy", but doesn't seem to be going as far as to propose killing or indeed any earthly punishment for it.

This all makes me sound like an apologetic. I'm not one to believe that islamic clerics are all rainbows and kittens, but let's work with facts.

What I'm most interested in, is the last part of your post: which islamic fascism on part of Islamic Brotherhood are we talking about here? If we're talking about the party, not Yusuf Qaradawi, then which concrete political steps has it taken to promote "fascism" ? Which laws has it tried to pass? What can be found in their rallies or political materials? They don't like Israel. Okay. Nobody in Middle East likes Israel, whether it's Sadat or Arafat. Is that really all?

Michal said...

I'm actually reading the dossier from the talks he held in London and actually there seems to be no contradiction. It shows he clearly condemns wife beating:

As Dr al-Qaradawi stated in an interview broadcast on Channel 4 News during his visit in July 2004: ‘The ideal was for Muslim men never to beat their wives, and if husbands wrongly beat their wives, they have the right to fight back.’

Get a New Girlfriend said...

This is amazing post. It's a interesting blog post.There are some good suggestions about putting the pressure on Egyptian junta through military aid, but flooding the city with foreign observers, Lady Gaga and Elton John talking about gay bars seems rather counterproductive, if the objective is to warm the country up to liberal democracy.Good work keep it up !!

Rob said...

I agree with you. Let's work from facts.

Qaradawi made the statements I attribute to him in Arabic during his popular radio program on al-Jazeera. He supports 'moderate' wife beating, just like it says in the Qu'ran. Whether he chose to moderate that in London where he was under scrutiny by gullible westerners is immaterial.

This is someone who said that the Holocaust was the fault of the Jews and that ' next time allah willing, it will be at the hands of the believers'.Deny that one!

If you wish to give him a pass for inciting genocide, that of course is your affair. Just own it.By the way, Qaradawi and those like him aren't deviating at all from what's in the Qu'ran and the hadiths.

As a side note, MEMRI's translations are accurate, and I have access to native Arabic and Farsi speakers to verify it. Again if you really want to deny their accuracy by sniffing at them as a 'pro Israeli site' simply because they show the genocidal, hate filled rhetoric and sermons that are an every day, mainstream part of what passes for dialog in the Muslim world, fine by me. Again, just own it.

Next, are you planning to tell me that Ahmadinejad and Khamenei along with a number of other high ranking members of the Iranian regime haven't threatened to destroy Israel?

As far as the Muslim Brotherhood goes, you're correct. They haven't tried to pass any laws yet except one abrogating the Egyptian treaty with Israel and referring to them as 'Egypt's number one enemy' and another calling for strict sharia law. But then, they haven't been in power much, have they?

But their ideology is entirely fascist, and jibes very much with what Qaradawi has been saying for years.

And of course, we have a goiod example of what Muslim Brotherhood style fascism is like right next door, in Hamas-ruled Gaza.The 'Arab Spring' isn't going to produce anything much different.

One final point - it's not that 'no one in the Middle East likes Israel'. It's that for the most part, many Muslims find it impossible to live with Jews in conditions of peace and equality. They make a convenient 'other' to hate..again, as you may know, that's in the Qu'ran and Hadiths ad naseum.That's why almost a million Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Muslim world after being pillaged of everything except the clothes on their backs, even from countries that had nothing to do with 'Palestine'.

Even worse, those evil Jews created exactly what Islam has never been able to create - a peaceful, prosperous, heterogeneous and free society. Add to that the military success Israel has had against Muslim aggression, and it's obvious that Israel needs to be done away with before ordinary people in the Middle East start looking at folks like the Muslim Brotherhood and realize how they've been 'misinformed' about the whole jihad against the Jews nonsense.

Again, if you wish to believe that a free, open society is going to be created by the likes of Qaradawi and the Ikhwan, you're certainly entitled.