Friday, June 1, 2012

Droning About Drones

Perhaps the only true delight in witnessing semi cerebral hissy fits and inappropriate handwringing are when cats who worry about the wrong thing stumble across the correct answer yet fail to realise it - in lieu of sump sump that may sound great in a climate controlled environment like a classroom surrounded by smart ppl - yet totally sucks in Literalville.

Like Drones Gone Wild?

Yessir! Check it - for eons all the cool kids have been subjected to extra girthy yet LOLable unfilling worries and frets that drone strikes are exponentially crafting more future Great Satan hating terrorists than doing Iraq's largest Arab army in history in 20 days, fighting during Ramadan, Lady Gaga gigs, something something Palestine and wonderbra - combined.

It's an ancient tale. Every since the Ex and K NYT'd the fun, easy to read (and delightfully silly) meme 'bout "Death From Above - Outrage From Below" - inappropriate handwringers continue to worry about the wrong thing.

Tho - to be fair - they don't always answer their own fakebelieve concerns as well as Sir Skippy McElhaney (not his real name) 
It is easy to understand why. First of all, they can be deadly accurate. Tribal Afghans have been amazed not just that the car a Taliban leader was travelling in was precisely targeted – but that the missile went in through the door on the side he was sitting. Great Satan claims that drones have proved very effective at targeting and killing Taliban or al-Qaeda leaders, but with the very minimum of civilian casualties.  

Second, soldiers and airmen are not placed in harm’s way. This is very important in a democracy. In America, the killing of a dozen military personnel is a political event. The death of a dozen Afghan or Pakistani villagers in a remote part of what used to be called the north‑west frontier does not register, unless a military spokesmen labels them “militants”, in which case it becomes a victory. 

As best understood  - Land of the Pure is sooo distresed about their Nat'l Sovereignty. Evidently it is a single edged blade. Little outrage about terrorists hanging out in those famously unAdministered Tribal Agencies violatng  Nat"l Sov - yet fear and hatred about Great Satan intervening to do theWrit of State gig - that for for whatever reasons - Pakistan cannot.
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Britain’s former special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, is equally adamant that drone attacks are horribly counter-productive because of the hatred they have started to generate: according to a recent poll, more than two thirds of Pakistanis regard the United States as an enemy. Britain used to be popular and respected in this part of the world for our wisdom and decency. Now, thanks to our refusal to challenge American military doctrine, Britain is hated too. 

Bloody L! Hated for killing head chopping, girl beating creeps?

Don't get dissed mate! Be bloody proud, luv! 

Besides - as Uncle Leon LOLs risible nonprofit jawflappers -  
First and foremost, this is one of the most precise weapons that we have in our arsenal.  Number two, what is our responsibility here?  Our responsibility is to defend and protect Great Satan.

And using the operations that we have, using the systems that we have, using the weapons that we have, is absolutely essential to our ability to defend Americans.
That’s what counts, and that’s what we’re doing. 


Old Rebel said...

Would you feel that way if China started using drones over here?

It's a coward's way of conducting warfare.