Thursday, September 6, 2012


Or is it Lanzhou?

Who cares!!

Luyang sortees into the collectivist China's Peebles Liberation Navy with a new millennium look. Nom d'guerr'd as DDG - she"s all built up from the ancient Type 052Bravo hull, tho her bridge is like way more bigger sprouting antennae in a 360 degree circle. Her gig is air defense in a singular or flotilla like environment.

Her jet killer weaponry is quite hello - bringing eight 6-cell straight up (vertical) launch systems (VLS) firing 48 of China"s home grown HQ-9 air-defence missiles raging to 174.6 miles (280k for the metrically challenged).  

HQ9 is a semi sorta copy of Commonwealth Russia"s  S-300V,  a two-stage deal. Total mass of almost 2 tons and a length of 6.8m. She totes a 180 kg warhead, and rockets her way to impact at Mach 4.2

She"s also armed with anti-ship missiles in two 4-cell launchers just forward of the hangar. Most likely a naughtical nauty variant of the infamous C-602 cruise missile. departing from previous designs - these cats are more cylindrical than the stubby box shape of Warsaw Pact era. Fire control provided by Russian Band Stand brand (pdf)

Luyang carries 1 Kamov Ka-28 Helix antiuboat warfare (ASW) helicopter, or maybe instead, 1 Z-9 ASW helicopter  and either totes various weaponrys like both torpedoes and depth charges. 

Her main gun and close weapon range chiz are like
 The single-barrel 100mm gun developed by 713 Institute on the basis of the French Creusot-Loire T100C design. The gun can be used against surface targets and air targets such as aircraft and low speed missile, with a maximum rate of fire of 90 rounds/min. The gun can be operated in fully automatic mode from the radar control system, from the shipborne optical sighting system, or laid manually. 
Her turret design incorporates strong radar cross-section reduction features. For short-range air defence, the Type 052C is equipped with two (one front, one rear) Type 730 close-in weapon system (CIWS) for short-range air defence. Two seven-barrel 30mm Type 730 CIWS are located both sides behind the bridge. The weapon system has a maximum rate of fire of 4,600~5,800 rounds/min and a maximum range of 3km

Her engines are 2 Ukrainia built DN80 gas-turbines and 2 Deutsch kraft MTU Friedrichshafen 12V 1163TB83 diesels. 

Speed - 30 knots (56 km/h) with a total of 250 cats (40 officers), Luyang displaces 7,500 tons. She's also got a bunch of sisters lined up to sortee too - including Lanzhou, Haikuo, Changchun, Zhengzhou, Jian and Xi"an

Pic - "PLAN may have found her premier surface combatant."