Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Blasphemy!

The overtly robust (n xtra girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General,  of the resistance Posse of Allah  (seemingly way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than foreign bizzy bodies) appeared live at a rally against Free Speech and preached some prett autocratic, intolerant chiz about any critique of the PBUH cat. 
 "We are here to declare our rejection, also to completely close the door before any future attempt to repeat such an insult. We should prevent the airing of the complete film by the Americans. Establish planning groups and teams to work and achieve these three objectives. The whole world should know that this prophet has followers regardless of how great the sacrifices might be.
Money shot demanding World Wide Free Speech Limit laws 
 "All governments and people are required to put their utmost effort and exercise pressure on the international community to issue an international resolution and pass laws that criminalize such acts of insulting Monotheistic religions

 Sweet Blasphemy!

1st off - dang near anything Sheik Skippy promotes should be LOL"d to death. As an Official Enemy of Great Satan anything quoted from that cat should ideally be posthumous.

Plus - actually how fragile is m"Hammedism if movies, books cartoons and unbridled inquiry threaten the whole shebang?  Think - control freak methodology involving violent intolerance to enforce desired behaviour is bound to spark rebels - along with free thinkers. Seriously, couldn"t "the Lord of this shrine" delve out heartache and misery for nonprofit jawflapping within divine power sans human power?

Freedom of Speech is a hot topic Free World will simply not give up - under any threats or circumstances 
"Let no one be deceived that this battle can be ignored. The world's failure to come up with international laws that incriminate abuse against m"Hammedism will be tantamount to an offense against the Prophet"


Pic - "Divine Victory?"