Monday, September 10, 2012

Springtime Palestine?

Oh snap!

That sounds hauntingly... familiar (with all apologies to the ancient Welsh Witch)

Talk talk talking bout that Arab Spring - now nigh unto 20 months old - has it finally came to the two Palestines?

Take either - the rocket rich rejectionists in the Strip led by an Ikwhanesque preacher command of sorts - or the seemingly secular reformed PLO in West Bank. The most literate Arabs in World History Ever are fully crunk and really rowdy in Ram"Allahopolis

While Little Satan (who else? ) gets  bunches of blames - several money shots appear 

Unemployment is like 54%

Decline in Foreign Aid. Arab League may not be into Nakbahliciousness all that much after all - forsaking donations, easy bank credits and flotillas. Great Satan is still AWOL on the much anticipated 200 million American Dollars to keep the power on in West Banks Civil job scene.

Certainly has all the makings of a Tunisian Squeeze that kick started revolutions throughout Araby. 

Last week Khaled Abu-Rabee, a 42-year-old father of 10 from Al-Farraw refugee camp near Hebron, attempted to self-immolate, while in Gaza 21-year-old Ihab Abu Nada died after setting himself alight. Both were desperate after not being able to find employment

Reckon revolution is gon hit the hood soon?

Pic - "The real quiz is - what took it so long?"