Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arafat Conspiracy

Asides from queering the mix on Teufel Hunden Day, the mystery death of Comrade Papa Arafat - the long dead terrorist turned terrorist Nobel Peace Prizer turned terrorist loving, enabling faux head of state continues to queer the mix on events au courrant in turf betwixt the River and the Sea.

Comrade Papa was exceptionally prodigious in creating enemies - just lucky perhaps - creating more enemies than were needed in his long murderous chicanery high life.

And now Swizzylanders LOL that the dreaded Polonium - 210 was found dang near everywhere on the exhumed corpus delecti - even in his drawers

Pretty easy to think Little Satan had him knocked off - after all Panzer Arik wanted to have that cat killed like 13 different times!

On the other hand - at that stage in the game - killing off an irrevelent, inconsequential gangsta holed up in a smashed compound in Ramallahopolis would pay little dividends and do tons of damage to Little Satan as she started up the old Land for Peace thing for the last time in Gaza.

Besides - Polonium 210 is Commonwealth Russia's weapon of choice for trouble making bizzy bodies.

Actually  - suspects may be more accurately found in Palestian leadership and coterie of that era.

Retired general Tawfik Tirawi, once head of the Palestinian Authority's feared West Bank intelligence  himself was with Arafat during the siege; he was wanted by Little Satan, the CIA was shunning him, and he was accused of orchestrating suicide attacks.  That he was in close proximity when Arafat fell ill makes him a star on the suspect list

Suha Arafat. Wife to Yassir, she never stayed in Palestine much and was always hanging out in Paris and Tunisia living high on Comrade Papa's mystery stash

For a start, in the turbulent world of Middle Eastern politics, he made many enemies within his own organisation, with some of the more extreme sects, such as the hardline Hamas movement, questioning his commitment to creating an independent Palestinian homeland. Nor did Arafat enjoy cordial relations with other Arab leaders, for all their overt protestations of support. They suspected him of undermining their own interests through a single-minded pursuit of his Palestinian agenda.

The late King Hussein of Jordan never fully trusted Arafat following his involvement in the attempt to remove the Hashemite monarchy during Jordan’s Black September civil war in 1970, while in Syria he was at one point sentenced to death for the murder of an army officer.

Pic - "The problem is, no smoking gun"


Leif said...

Unlikely that polonium killed him. Almost none would be left on his clothing after these years - it has a very short half-life. Also, hair loss is one of the first symptoms, whereas Arafat still had hair and a beard when he died.

More to the point, the Israelis generally have a "better the devil that you know" policy. Had they truly wanted him dead, he would have died long before.