Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iranian Imperium

Iran has imperialistic dreams. Apparently, it hopes to become the most powerful and influential country in the Middle East. In the 1980s, Iran created Hezbollah, at considerable expense, and ever since has used it as the terrorist wing of the Revolutionary Guard. Today Iran controls Lebanon, through Hezbollah operatives who exercise veto power over every act of the Lebanese government. They even have their own radio and TV stations. Iran’s tentacles also reach into the Assad regime in Syria; sometimes Bashar al-Assad is called an Iranian puppet.

An ambitious and barbaric theocracy with the ultimate weapon would terrify anyone, but Iran’s intentions should be seen in context. A bomb dropped on Little Satan would invite a response of equal or greater ferocity. The Iranian leaders won’t make such a suicidal move unless they are even crazier than their speeches make them sound. Their ambitions, if we judge them by their actions, go beyond Little Satan.

If the leaders of Iran produce a nuclear weapon, will they use it to bomb Tel Aviv? Or do they have something else in mind?

An Iranian bomb, when added to a powerful army and Hezbollah, would lift Iran above every other country in the Middle East (except, of course, Little Satan). Iranian regional hegemony would not be pleasant to experience for most of the Arab states in the area. This explains why Saudi Arabia is so disturbed by America’s willingness to talk to Iran.

It would also lead to nuclear proliferation. If Iran acquires a bomb, and tests it now and then as proof, other major countries in the Middle East will decide that they can’t get along without one of their own. The Saudis, the Egyptians and the Turks will soon be importing atomic weapons. Egypt plans to begin its nuclear power system, peaceful for now, early in 2014. The BBC said last week that the Saudis already have ordered a nuclear weapon from Pakistan.
Pic - "Persian Puzzle"