Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drone Wars

BAE Systems just bought Advanced Ceramics Research Inc., a small Arizona-based maker of UAVs, or drone aircraft.

Perhaps this is a sign that Pentagon is getting into the drone wars as much as possible. Reckon the first carrier to carry mainly stealthy, long-range, naval UCAVs -- that is, combat drones -- will be named the USS Obama?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the drone wars, Great Satan shot down an Iranian drone that was in Iraqi airspace, according to Major-General Abdul Aziz Mohammed Jassim, head of military operations at the Iraqi Defense Ministry. He didn't disclose how this was done.

Plus Little Satan is a suspect about drone chicanery queering the mix on Persia's satellite launches recently

Also some funny stuff for Great Satan and allied air forces to sweetly cackle about - news that the Russians are having a hard time with a large part of the Russian MiG-29 force found unable to fly safely.

Art - "These aren't the drones you're looking for"