Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Girls Are Back In Town

Way back in the last millennium - way before 'Hard Rock' magically xformed the genre into "Classic Rock" an Irish group stormed the charts, clubs and concert halls with a killer tune that still gets the blood pumping and the feets a thumping.

Thin Lizzy's essential "The boys are back in town" featured dual harmony lead guitars, a walking talking bass line and a drum beat that just would not stop (fully stocked with jazzy snazzy hi hat punches and signatures).

"Remember that chick that used to dance a lot - every night she was
on the floor shaking what she's got - when I tell you she was cool - she was red hot - man she was steaming"

In a way - Thin Lizzy's ode to being wild, free and desirable kinda makes a great soundtrack for the newly unleashed daemoneocon think tank called "The Foreign Policy Iniative"

"The United States remains the world’s indispensable nation --
indispensable to international peace, security, and stability, and indispensable to safe-guarding and advancing the ideals and principles we hold dear."

Who is sweetly talking such sweet talking sweet talk?

Weekly Standard's Bill Krystol for one. Along with fellow PNAC cat the super savvy Dr Robert Kagan.

The old school Iraqi Provisional Gov spokescat Dan Senor is there too and it looks delish!

"Mission Statement
In 2009 the United States--and its democratic allies--face many foreign policy challenges. They come from rising and resurgent powers, including China and Russia. They come from other autocracies that violate the rights of their citizens. They come from rogue states that work with each other in ways inimical to our interests and principles, and that sponsor terrorism and pursue weapons of mass destruction.

They come from Al Qaeda and its affiliates who continue to plot attacks against the United States and our allies. They come from failed states that serve as havens for terrorists and criminals and spread instability to their neighbors.

The United States faces these challenges while engaged in military operations across the globe, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. The sacrifice of American lives and significant economic expenditure in these conflicts has led to warnings of U.S. strategic overreach, and calls for American retrenchment.

There are those who hope we can just return to normalcy--to pre-9/11 levels of defense spending and pre-9/11 tactics. They argue for a retreat from America’s global commitments and a renewed focus on problems at home, an understandable if mistaken response to these difficult economic times.

In fact, strategic overreach is not the problem and retrenchment is not the solution. The United States cannot afford to turn its back on its international commitments and allies--the allies that helped us defeat fascism and communism in the 20th century, and the alliances we have forged more recently, including with the newly liberated citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our economic difficulties will not be solved by retreat from the international arena. They will be made worse.

In this new era, the consequences of failure and the risks of retreat would be even greater than before. The challenges we face require 21st century strategies and tactics based on a renewed commitment to American leadership.

The United States remains the world’s indispensable nation -- indispensable to international peace, security, and stability, and indispensable to safe-guarding and advancing the ideals and principles we hold dear."

A total non profit org - FPI will be promoting:

*Continuing Great Satan's worldly engagement--diplomatic, economic, and military—in the world and rejection of policies that would lead her down the path to isolationism;

*Robust support for America’s democratic allies and opposition to rogue regimes that threaten American interests;

*Human rights of those oppressed by their governments, and U.S. leadership in working to spread political and economic freedom;

*Strong military with the defense budget needed to ensure that America is ready to confront the threats of the 21st century;

*Internat'l economic engagement as a key element of Great Satan's foreign policy in this time of great economic dislocation.

"FPI looks forward to working with all who share these objectives, irrespective of political party, so that the United States successfully confronts its challenges and make progress toward a freer and more secure future."

This unrepentant realization that America ain't what's wrong with the world, that with allies, friends or all by her lonesome Great Satan is the indespensible (and She's dangerous!!) nation remains vital meds for America fans.

FPI features an email alert to keep you hooked up with all the latest news, gossip, dossiers and designs.

"Guess who just got back today? Those wild-eyed boys that had been
away Haven't changed, haven't much to say But man, I still think those cats are great..."

Pic - "Friday night they'll be dressed to kill..."


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