Friday, March 6, 2009

Green Eggs And HAMAS

Can Great Satan really give cash to the Strip without giving cash to HAMAS?

The Strip's voters freely elected the world's very 1st suicide regime that promised they would never say Little Satan's real name out loud, never cut peace deals, never give up the resistence until the last drop of innocent blood had been shed.

And the Strip's voters suffered terribly in their day gigs as human shielding when Little Satan threw up her hands, said the heck with it and did the Strip blitz.

If blinging American dollars into the Strip would totally eradicate rocket rich rejectionists then it might be worth it.

That is one mighty might too.

Kinda like the thought process of

"If I stuff more money in this dancer's thong she might stop dancing in my lap and get a gig at the library."

Seems to be the rationale behind the recent " International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza."

Over 70 nations, to the delight of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon's delight pledged an amazing $4.5 billion bucks to put paid to Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue once and for all.

Essentially rebuilding the Strip, after Little Satan's 3 weeks in heat battle to stomp out Iranian fed and funded rocketeers and whittle down the infamous Izzedeen al K'Ssam (HAMAS's State Army).

As Madame Sec described it, this is a nuanced effort. The broad aim is to bypass the Iranian fed and funded rowdy rocketeers who rule the Strip like a medievel fiefdom, and direct tons of cash for strictly humanitarian uses into the Strip "in coordination with" the inept, corrupt and suspect Palestinian Authority.

Thus the long boring title for the Sharm el-Sheikh shindig: "The International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza."

Thus, also, the confusion and contradictory news accounts over how much of the multiple billions in aid will flow to the West Bank, how much to the Strip, when and how this will happen, and who will decide

And so, despite a record which suggests that decades of aid to the Palestinians--bilateral, multilateral, you name it--have brought no peace, but continuing violence, surely this time might be the charm.

The plan this time seems to be to flood the Palestinian Authority with enough bling bling that will magically unclutch HAMAS' clutches on the Strip's steering wheel.

"Foster conditions" to create a responsible, accountable Palestinian state, sweetly snuggled right up against Little Satan Madam Sec promised that Great Satan's $900 million in new aid to Palestinians (new, shiny crisp 100 dollar bills)--still to be approved by Congress--would include $300 million for the Strip.

"We have worked with the Palestinian Authority to install safeguards that will ensure that our funding is used only where, and for whom, it is intended, and does not end up in the wrong hands."

Good luck!

The best case scenerio may in fact be that despite any efforts - such a vast amount of booty dropping on Palestine will be like wonderbra for HAMAS - a real boostier boosting boost.

Exactly how such HAMAS would be stymied from getting their hands on crack jack is curious. State Department has been about as vague as camoflouging a hangover from the preacher.

At a State Department press briefing on Monday, while MAdam Sec hung out in Pyramidland pledging the pledge, a spokescat mentioned that up to $300 million would go for Strippers "urgent humanitarian needs" as identified by UN and the Palestinian Authority.

Friendly funding funds would hit the Strip "in coordination with U.N. agencies, international organizations and USAID grantees" and "through the State Department for the U.N. agencies, [International Committee of the Red Cross] and other humanitarian organizations."

At UNRWA's site please find a killer pic of Sec Gen Moon sweetly backlit with cool sunbeams in a wrecked UNRWA foodstuff/HAMAS ammunition depot.

Under that pic is where the fun begins.

Several banks, complete with Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) codes and account numbers through which benefactors are invited to send money to UNRWA for its "Special Gaza Appeal"
are listed.

One is the state-owned Commercial Bank of Syria, hq'd in Damascus, an interesting choice for Ban and UNRWA to brag about because, the last five years this bank has been under sanctions by Grreat Satan's Treasury as an institution of "primary money-laundering concern."

In 2004, Treasury imposed sanctions on the Commercial Bank of Syria, alleging it had laundered illicit fundage from the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, and had also handled "numerous transactions that may be indicative of terrorist financing and "money laundering." According to Treasury, this included two accounts "that reference a reputed financier for Usama bin Laden."


In 2006, Treasury finalized its rule, which is still current, against the Commercial Bank of Syria. Under-Secretary Stuart Levey alleged that
the bank had been used by terrorists to move money, and "as a state-owned entity with inadequate money laundering and terrorist financing controls, the Commercial Bank of Syria poses a significant risk of being used to further the Syrian Government's continuing support for international terrorist groups."

Among the terrorist groups cited as examples of such clients were Hiz'B'Allah in Lebanon, and such creeps in the Strip's hood like Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and of course HAMAS.

All of them are on
Great Satan's Enemies List.

UNRWA's choice of this bank is all the more bizzare in light of the lifestyle choices of a number of Hamas leaders, such as Khaled Meshal, who lives nowhere near Palestine - instead he's safe as milk in far away exile in Damascus.

Council on Foreign Relations'
backgrounder released in 2006, Meshal has served Hamas from Damascus as head of the terrorist group's politburo, and as chief strategist and fundraiser. In 2006 he was alleged by Little Satan's then-Vice PremierPeres to have ordered the kidnapping into the Strip of Little Satan's soldier Gilad Shalit, who has not yet been released.

Tough to say if it is of any concern to
UNRWA that one of the conduits headlined by Ban Ki-moon for its Stripper bailout is a Great Satan accursed and accused censured bank, hq'd in a backwards nation that just so happened to host the most wanted man in the world Imad Mughiniyah or lets cats like Meshal hang out in, and is designated by Great Satan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

U.N. has no definition of terrorism. UNRWA, which employs mostly local Palestinian staff, and has never had an independent outside audit, is not bound by Great Satan's sanctions.

Way too many questions about this and it might be better just to toss the cash in a dumpster somehwere.

All is not lost though - aggrevate the living daylights out of both of your senators and your congresscat. Call, Email and fax - til they announce when the vote on the bling will be held and let them know it aint cool.

Follow up at least twice a week with calls and faxes.

Let them know you -

"could not, would not ever flip
for flinging blinging in the Strip"

Art - "Green Eggs and HAMAS"


blacktygrrrr said...

You are equally brilliant and warped. I will link to this over this weekend.

Hysterically wicked my dear.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Jeff Wills said...

Hamas shouldn't get anything American made if we can avoid it. Bebe is now PM. I'm sure Obama is not entirely happy with that but he needs to work through the PM to resolve conflict. Or, stay our of the way and let the Israelis do what needs to be done. I admit, though, I'm stumped right now on exactly how to procede.

Findalis said...

I wonder if I can refuse to pay my taxes this year? What a great way to protest the funding of Hamas by the US. If everyone did this do you think Stinky would take notice?