Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top 20 Tyrants

It's time! Parade Magazine unleashes the top 2o despots, Dear Leaders, Supreme Leaders, Dr General Presidents For Life, Dr Field Marshal Presidents For Life, Royal Highnesses and August Brilliances.

Despite the catchy (and several uncatchy) titles these cats wield, the model for all of them is pretty much the same:

An aversion to freely elected Gov oversight on the judicial, civie control of the military, free, uncensored press, unbridaled internet access, equal rights for girls and minorities, a nat'l treasury openly accountable - and of course - periodic and transparent elections.

They also faithfully follow Natan Sharansky's recipe for needing tons of enemies - internal enemies and external enemies - to justify myriad machinations like Secret Police, Religious Police and the Fashion Police.

Totally intolerant - they cannot help but seem to act out against any democracy in weapons range.

Check out the top 10 and even exercise your right to vote in the "Worst Dictator in the World Poll"

Art "Chimp Dictators" by invisible consequential


Skunkfeathers said...

Color me somewhat surprised that Parade Mag didn't manage to work Dubya into their Top 20 Despots, as often as the Leftards tried to compare him to Hitler. Bet there was a lot of hate and discontent in that editing room when Dubya wasn't named.