Monday, July 11, 2011


This delightful little ditty from way back in the last millennium makes a wonderfully crunk soundtrack for the 'lationship au courant betwixt Great Satan and her only client new clear army with a nation state attached.

As best understood - Pakistan's State Motto could very well be sump like "Hey y'all! Watch this!"

Despite teaching girls to fly combat jets and cranking out enough new clear weaponry to unass Great Britain from the Big Five, Land of the Pure sports an incredibly horrible literacy rate of 49%, and often provides murderous intolerance visited on myriad sectarian, 'litical, 'ligious and tribal heads while hosting production facilities for Talibani  girl beating promotional vids.

Been a tough year for PAK Army too - Like the linking linkage that linked super villan ObL's courier cat and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (a kinda state sanctioned nonstate actor outer group).  And Hot deets and big phased cookies gossip that 2 ex PAK Army Generals sold uranium enrichment chicanery to Dear Leader's NoKo for millions in bling.

Despite losing every war they've started (which is all of Pakistan's wars), in spite of the the Abottabad/Abottagood asymmetrical bootylicious panty raid that xform'd a terroristical icon into a drink fad (hic), a well planned assault on the PAK Naval Aviation Base in K'Rachi plus ISI's murder of a working unarmed journalist, Wakistan still thinks the Punjab caste of warriors are the guarantors of the state.

Wakistan's Warcrafter In Chief - the Kashmir lusting India centric ex ISI cat General Kayani is shooting sparks off each and every Great Satan contingent of emergency relationship fixing contingents and some whisper General K's "fighting to survive"

Def a low point in Great Satan/Pakistan 'lations - no doubt - sweetly hacking off bits of Land of the Pure's 2 billion bucks a year subsidy in relation to the uncalled for unassing of a hundred De Opresso Liber cats may actually mean a Colonels coup is as fakebelieve as a nation state super glued together from disparate tribes:

"...No question that his reputation, and that of the army, has taken a battering, Courtney. That said, there’s no evidence that General Kayani has outlived his welcome with the corps commanders, much less that Pakistan’s famously sturdy chain of command is about to break down. It’s quite possible that in the coming weeks public opprobrium turns Kayani into a burden the corps commanders no longer want to carry. But if the past tells us anything, it’s that Pakistan’s army chiefs are deposed by fellow generals, not by angry young colonels..."

Those 11 Corps Commanders operate with an air of independence prob not seen in Western militaries - kinda like feudal lords - the Corps Commanders lord it over their respective corps, districts, minions and they alone possess those magilicious cooing coup d'tat powers

"...There are more subtle reasons why a coup against the civilian government is unlikely. In the 1990s, the army became adept at playing squabbling political parties off one another. Today Nawaz Sharif, the formerly exiled leader of the conservative PML-N party, has attacked the army at just the moment when he could have co-operated with it to destabilise the government. "End your domination of foreign policy if you wish the criticism to end," was his welcome message.

"...The army also knows that the international conditions are no longer those of 1999, when Musharraf was embraced by outside powers eager to find a reliable ally for counterterrorism.

"...Now US exasperation with Pakistan has reached boiling point. Congressional leaders are tired of Pakistan's links to groups killing US soldiers in Afghanistan, such as the Haqqani network, or groups with an increasingly global reach, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba. US aid already hangs by a slender thread – a coup would sever it at an instant.

"...It would be naive to think this is a simple matter of pushing hard enough. A new Pew poll reveals something that one might miss if reading the liberal Pakistani press: the army remains enormously popular. The Bin Laden raid pushed its favourability rating from 83% to a still remarkable 79% – above the media, religious leaders, courts, police, national government and prime minister. Kayani himself enjoys a 52% rating, far above the prime minister, Yusuf Raza Gilani (37%), and the president, Asif Ali Zardari (a feeble 11%).

"...These are not the figures of a man teetering on the edge or an army on the brink of national humiliation. The extraordinary waves of "dissent, comment and dark humour against the grinding ISI state" produced after the events of May represent a narrow slice of Pakistani opinion.

"...The myriad suicide bombings, the cross-border terrorism, the weekly slaughter of poorly-paid policemen and frontier guards – these are not the fault of a rogue institution's misguided priorities, but instead the US-India-Israel axis first, and the "bloody civvies" second.

"...In mid-June the ISPR – the army's PR wing – released a tirade against the "perceptual biases" of anti-army journalists. What is more remarkable is just how corrosive establishment propaganda has been, to the point at which the same Pew poll recorded 55% of Pakistanis deeming Bin Laden's death to be a bad thing, and nearly a quarter seeing "minor/no threat" from al-Qaida and the Taliban. Pakistan's population would be anti-American without any help from Rawalpindi, but the latter has fanned the flames.

"...There is no broad-based constituency for wholesale civil-military reform in Pakistan, let alone at a time when terrorist attacks occur at a steady rate of more than 150 a month and Kayani has so visibly pushed back against American demands. Nor will the army implode in Islamist fervour or convulse from a mid-level coup. Its pretensions to efficiency and integrity may be laughable, but its hierarchy is not.

"...But this is precisely why only a top-down effort by civilian elites can begin the process of civil-military rebalancing, without which Pakistan will remain buffeted by the whims and strategic delusions of its deep state. 

Pic - "And who would've thought they would see placards denouncing the corps commanders and likens them with jackals!"


Raedwulf said...

My prediction is that the outside influence of China will increase in Pakistan. This might be to the military's advantage as China also has a problem with Muslim fundamentalists.