Thursday, July 7, 2011

Constrainment Converse

Respond to stimuli! The recent  - let us squeak plainly here - open and total diss of the weak minded academic 'hope for best/trial and error' approach to humble world power hoochiefication has been about as subtle as wearing a thong to Church.

Check the counter offer counterminiously offered up by Mr Nick Prime.  One of Great Satan's super savvy War Craft brainiacs at the prestigious University of B'Ham UK Centre for War Studies charts a totally diff course

"...The following is an amalgamated counter argument to the criticisms put forth in GsGf’s ‘Doctrine of Constrainment’ piece, the overall gist of the counter argument is that restraint is a valuable trait in/of Great Satan’s foreign policy, while it may be taken too far its presence is crucial to the sustainability of American hegemony. 

Great Satan and her hedonistic hyperpuissant hegemonic hotness makes uncool despotries that love terrorists, fiddle about with WMD, torment their own ppl and their neighbors nervous.
Agreed Courtney, though in this regard, restraint is a valuable character trait for two crucial reasons; Firstly, America laid claim to its place of benevolent leadership in the face of violent despotic regimes which threatened the safety and stability of America’s partners those both near and far. No despotry currently plying its trade presents an existential threat on the scale of the Axis powers or the Eastern Bloc. As a result in order to maintain her benevolent place of leadership among the ‘swing states’ of the wider world, said states need to view American power as being restrained, used only when existential threats start causing trouble.

"Secondly, America’s hyperpuissance both militarily and economically is at its most brittle point since the late 1930’s. Between the recent economic unpleasantness, and the nearly decade old forever war, a war waged on the back of a highly valuable but precious resource, the AVF, America cannot afford to be anything but the restrained use of force against enemies foreign. Court continues...

Haughty hypocrisy (carebeful! Direct hit on realpolitik - nicht wahr?) - sucking up to tyrants in hope for stability while talkin' bout those Universal Values or preaching stuff about new clear proliferators and then according treaties and internat'l respect to oath breakers

"The key word in this excerpt is hypocrisy, as yet no one has figured out how to live in this world without bending and twisting the definition of hypocrisy. Since America first laid claim to a place of hegemonic power she’s had to balance the unenviable dilemma of serving her crucial interests while also attempting to export her values to the masses. 

"The Arab Spring has thrown this dilemma into sharp contrast, once 44 started picking sides, he then had to either hold his friends to at least the same, if not higher, standards than his enemies. So, deciding whose being hypocritical and when is entirely a matter of perspective, hypocrisy exists, we’ll be guilty of it until we fix the goal posts and stick with them. 

America’s role in world affairs for more than a century has been, more often than not, aggressive rather than constrained, wasteful rather than communal, and arrogant in promoting democracy, despite our own democratic shortcomings. Accordingly, Great Satan has much to apologize for, including failure to understand others, refusal to defer sufficiently to others, selfishness in pursuing her legit interests as opfor'd to global interests, and showing far too much concern for American sovereignty, independence, and freedom of action.

"This, is entirely a matter of perspective. The average American would have wildly different views on each of these individual issues, at least if one were to compare the ‘average American’ with the ‘average’ peoples of other states and places. What might look, from the American perspective, as careful and considerate, could easily appear to those of smaller states as the blundering incompetence of a giant.
This is the flaw in the Constrainment approach. Simply put - Great Satan and her League of Hot! Democazies have zero interests in common with the Not Hot League of Autocrazies.

"Aside from shared participation in a globalised economy at a time when those nefarious-moustache-twirling-intelligentsia say that precious resources (like you know, water and energy) are on the decline, we have absolutely nothing in common.  

Instead - Great Satan should be LOLingly proud that certain nation states fully crunk with censorship, faux elections, no elections, gendercide, intolerance, secret trials, secret prisons and secret executions are frightened beyond repair at the ever present American spectre hooked up with the World Famous M 16

"As was previously pointed out, the ability to maintain that presence and that spectre is dependent on America’s ability to sustain her military and economic hyperpuissance at a time when both are more brittle than they’ve been in almost 80 years. Restraint and prudence should be the crucial buzz words, not necessarily constraint. 

Doctrine of Constrainment rejects all these truths, binds Great Satan's hair to the floor so tight she can't even blink and devolves and devalues her status among nation states.

 "This, again, is a matter of degrees, the flaw lies more in the execution than the theory, a degree of restraint is important in all thing. However, the degree to which restraining ones action constrains ones abilities is dependent more on circumstance than in terms of overarching ideology. 

 Pic - "Great Satan must maintain the mechanisms for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.” with Britney


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