Sunday, July 24, 2011

Naval Gazin'

 Now hear this!

Way back before the Beatles, defensive weaponry often deployed a shield looking thing called a shield.  Not only could shield protect the bearer from enemy hijinkery - it could also do a wicked riposte ala vManstein's Kharkov backhand. Many shields featured a leading edge that could kill as easily as anything toted in the weapon hand.

Not unlike Great Satan's USS Escabana. Standing long watches over vast trackless wastes, the good ship Escabana did her gig - protecting Great Satan from creeps, jerk and haters and being the leading edge of the shield. Now it's Hail and Farewell time as she slips into dry dock to get all gussied up to continue her long tradition

Thank you for all of your support, feedback, conversation, thoughts, insights and opinions. As you know from your invitation, I will be relieved tomorrow morning at a change of command ceremony at the USS CONSTITUTION museum in Charlestown (the ship herself is laid up at the CG Yard in Baltimore for an 11 month dockside availability). Working as part of an effort to improve the USCG use of social media, outreach and strategic communications has been a pleasure, and I have truly enjoyed and appreciated working with all of you in the process. (I believe ESCANABA will put out a press release after the ceremony, but it will be beyond me at that point).

I am moving from here to DC (actually will be living in Bethesda) where I will be attending the National War College Senior Service School/JPME II program at the National Defense University for the next year. I am looking forward to it, as it will be good to put my thinking cap on more full-time.
E. A. Westfall, CDR, USCG
Commanding Officer

Americans should thank God Almighty for raising up this laughing race of Free People who serve  and sacrifice.

As Captain AT Mahan (or maybe it was Spongebob) once writ about that "Fleet In Being" Threat - please enjoy this somewhat related segue:

One of several funintended consequences of actualizing selfaggrandizement is the myriad of - righteous (and to be fair - sometimes unrighteous) - observating observations that tend to pop up like periscopes in or about Goat Dawg Ally.

"...She's sharp, but she's young. She's also starting to talk - which suggests study - the merits of seapower..."

Naval chicanery is perhaps most best done by Naval gazin' - beachfront and center (just a suggestion (:


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