Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vicious Rumours!

Like Boom!

The lolable events at Preacher Command's' Revo Guard Shahab-3 rocket base outside Bid Ganeh Iran spark some serious unverified gossip mongering amidst spy guys n girls.

Let's just cut right to it shall we?

The instant incineration/martyrdom of the Revo Guards Rocket Man - IRGC Gen. H'San Moghaddam opens up tons of dot connecting. As fellow Guard commander cat Saeed Qasemi eulogized, "A major part of our progress in the field of missile capability and artillery was due to round-the-clock efforts by martyr Moghaddam."

Preacher Command is whispered to have recruited the Top Revo Guard Cat on Earth under direct supervision of former Revo Guard cat M'Shen Rezai (now gigging at the Expediency Council) for an in depth investigation into l'blaste l'mysterious 

See, General M's latest hobby was getting missile payloads hooked up with a devilish device known as a detonator - capable of sparking of new clear warheads perhaps - truly - who can say? 

Even more embarrassing for the Guard is that several cats from NoKo where on hand at detonation - experts who shehabbed NoKo's rocketry program with NoDong and the two TaepoDong missiles - alledgedly with  - you guessed it - workable, cloneable payload detanotors 

Axis of Evil!

NoKo has sent hundreds of tunnel engineers, missile men and new clear sci guys to Persia - the dead, dying and scarred for life NoKo experts at Bid Ganeh were arguably on hand to prevent a  redux of the equally lolable disaster in Syria in 07 - when Iranians and Syrian weaponry cats vx'd (some say Sarin'd) themselves to death near Aleppo in a nasty surprise involving missiles, wmd and  - detonators

And Expediency Council cat Rezai has ancient ties with these NoKo NoDong cats. After creating and crafting human wave attacks in the horrible Iran Iraq (rumours spike Rezai as the thinker upper of ducktaping sub squads of little boys together armed only with plastic keys to the gates of Paradise and a willingness to die for the old Grand Ayatollah to storm and clear minefields)  Rezai was handpicked to jet to Pyongyang to cut deals for retaliatory missiles and rockets when Iraq fired up the 'War of the Cities" - arcing wads of rockets and missiles at Iranian pop pop population centres. 

Rezai delivered. The Guard's Self Sufficiency weaponry goals were jobbed out to NoKo who also sweetly delivered the then semi au courrant ZelZal missiles - which taught Iraq that geography really does mean something - as Iraq's pop pop population centres were ALL in range of NoKolicious rockets - while only a handful of Iranian cities were in Iraq's range

One of Rezai's entourage was his son Ahmad. Younger Rezai (quite a character himself) jetted to NoKo a lot thus Ahmad and papa were responsible for the Shahab missile project.

 Ahmad just got wacked - found dead via “suspicious circumstances” at a room of the Gloria Hotel in Dubai Sunday sans his twin NoKo concubines

Pic - "Maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems. All of it covertly, all of it deniable.”


Rob said...

FYI Ahmadinejad was a Basij miitia trainer during the Iran/Iraq War. And his job was to train the kids armed with those plastic 'keys to paradise' Khomeini bought wholesale from Taiwan to perform their 'martyrdom missions'.

A lot of them were 10 and 12 years old.

The black and white checked scarf you see Ahmadinejad wearing isn't a 'Palestinian' kefiya - it's a basij scarf.