Monday, November 7, 2011

Deadly Dynamics

Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enqelab-e Eslami bay bee!

LOLZ - Glad to help out there a bit Doc! 

Anywrought - Nork Times features soul singer Sanger with a multi hello about the dead dead deadly (deathly so) dynamics of Preacher Command - money shots include: 
 Iran may be the most challenging test of 44's admin’s focus on new, cheap technologies that could avoid expensive boots on the ground; drones are the most obvious, cyberweapons the least discussed. It does not quite add up to a new 44 Doctrine, but the methods are defining a new era of nearly constant confrontation and containment. 
 Drones are part of a tactic to keep America’s adversaries off balance and preoccupied with defending themselves. And in the past two and a half years, they have been used more aggressively than ever. There are now five or six secret American drone bases around the world. Some recently discovered new computer worms suggest that a new, improved Stuxnet 2.0 may be in the works for Iran. 
 Face it - for Iran to get all new clear would be an Epic Fail - both 43 and 44 spake 'pacifically about the uncoolness of such an event. Not to mention Little Satan just hung out with the highest levels of Great Satan's Diplopolititary Command and pointedly did not promise a heads up to her indespensible ally if she gets airborne or goes ballistic or both
“One should ask: would Europe have intervened in Libya if Qaddafi had possessed nuclear weapons?” the Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, said on army radio last week, referring to the Libyan leader’s decision to give up his program in 2003. “Would the U.S. have toppled Saddam Hussein if he had nuclear weapons?”   
 The Containment Myth and missile shields are of course null and void if Preacher Commands gets all unconventional and like - you know - slips - Hiz'B'Allah, kindred proxies or even Mexican cartels a nasty nasty new clear surprise. And the atomic aftermath forensic sci guys and girls would be hard pressed to prove where it came from:
So if a bomb went off in some American city, or in Riyadh or Tel Aviv, it could be weeks or months before it was ever identified as Iranian. Even then, confidence in the conclusion, officials say, might be too low for the president to order retaliation. 
Containment has also taken multi hits because of the plot to kill Saudi cats on Great Satan's home turf. Yay! Rogue elements - yet how much confidence does that meme inspire about Preacher Command's firm pragmatic grip on new clear command and control? LOL.

I.A.E.A. is fixing to break out their hot deets about Persia's "...possible military dimensions..." and the illicit hook up with new clear naughtiness
All of which raises the question: how much more delay can be bought with a covert campaign of assassination, cyberattacks and sabotage? 
 Pic - "Nuclear Weapons and Iran's Global Ambitions: Troubling Scenarios