Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fake Syrian Military Intell

Suriya al- Kubra!

Cuts both ways luv. See, in order to attract players, sugar daddies and worthy suitors - certain, uh - miraculous enhancement appearance/projection - devices are often deployed. Aside from the obvious benefits such tactical deception enjoys - there is also a strategic blessing too - as in discouraging near field competitors from advancing into your turf. 

Talk talk talking bout Bashar Bay bee"s illegit Alawicious Regime's set piece battle against his own peeps.   
Since those foreign peace mongers have been shouting out louder about some kinda intervenious intervention upon the head of Syria's Dr General President For Life - airstriking and safe zoning mainly, 44's posse of rivals have been leak leak leaking (leaking) suspect military intell on why cause laying back and enjoying the slaughter is prob the course of inaction Jackson.

For a semi illiterate nation state (of sorts)  like Syria and her military of conscripted semi illiterates, 44's Admin is disingeniously dissing cats that know better - 

Check it:
“President Bashar Assad commands a formidable army!! A highly professional, 330K-man army plus reserves that was built and trained to invade Little Satan. Toting 4,500 tanks and some 500 aircraft, including armed helicopters, doing a safe zone means facing off against "formidable” air defenses with hundreds of anti-aircraft artillery batteries and thousands of shoulder-fired missiles, making up for their lack of technical sophistication through sheer numbers."

Oh, really?
 "Manpower numbers have little meaning as a measure of military capability or merit. … Syria’s conventional forces are the impoverished stepchild of the region …and have become something of a military museum—a problem compounded by poorly organized technical and maintenance support and the failure to modify and update much of its equipment. … Syria, however, has compounded these problems with corruption, nepotism, and an occupation of Lebanon that further politicized and corrupted its forces. … 

Some Special Forces and armored units are exceptions, but promotion is highly dependent on favoritism and nepotism. … Syria, with the largest numbers, has one of the least capable air forces. Certainly, it is the worst air force per plane in service. … Syria’s [air defense] system is generally obsolete in weapons, sensors, and command and control capability. It also has a weak command and control system, as well as training and readiness problems. … 

Much of Syria’s conventional force posture is now obsolescent or obsolete, and its failure to properly modernize and ‘recapitalize”’ its forces has reached the crisis level. … Syria has effectively created hollow forces. … On paper, Syria had one low-grade reserve armored unit with about half the effective strength of its active divisions, plus 31 infantry, three artillery reserve regiments, four armored brigades. Most of these Syrian reserve units are poorly equipped and trained..."

True that - Syria's AAA Defenses are tough. If you're like gonna sortee Sturzkampfflugzeug or Lancasters LOL

 Even the mighty mighty Commonwealth Jet Hating missile batteries are like totally helpless versus Stealth bombers and the sexyfully stealthy Raptors. Not to mention choice hits via cruise missiles. Or her stockpiles of nasty nasty Chemical, Biological and Nerve Agentlicious WMD nastiness.

Intelligence failure as a deliberate policy or code for "Don"t just do sump!! Stand there!!"
The use of the intelligence community for orchestrated briefings designed to justify inaction by making Assad’s military sound like the Wehrmacht.
House and Senate Intelligence Committees would do well to find out who ordered that briefing, and ask the Director of Central Intelligence and the Director of National Intelligence why they permitted it.

Pic - "Once equipped with the right anti-armor weapons and shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles the Syrian rebels have enough manpower to establish their own safe zone and safe corridors in the northern and southern parts of the country."


Raedwulf said...

the unintended consequences of arming the rebels should be considered. It should be remembered that Syrian Christians tend to support the regime because they are terrified at the thought of a fundamentalist Sunni government that would persecute Christians. I am not for the regime. I just think you should realize that the revolution might bring a French Terror rather than an American revolution.