Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Xceptionals

They travel in packs -  more like a posse really - drop dead hot and built like M1 panzers. Deploying a motto of "Hey ya'll! Watch this!!" with a cruel code best understood as "Guys have feelings too? Like, who cares!!" 

Infamous, avec a built in magical ability to angle their Vic Sec bods to create other angles, smashing fashion, More cunning than intellect"l,  they are highly desirable high dollar high maintenance high timing arm candy. 

Easily distinguished in weapons range -some cats never recover from truly innocent encounters, mac, pine, plead and obsess in repeated attempts to interject themselves in the posse's bizzy bizzy somewhat crazy assetted life. The posse constantly maintains air superiority with dramalicious drama (often self inflicted) in amazing amounts whenever the need - or even opportunity arises.   

They are the exceptionals!

May such chiz be applied into the realm of the diplopolititary?

Oh! It is so! 

Great Satan's birthright as a nation of immigrants that magically created the first modern 'democrazy' are sweetly mirrored imaged in Little Satan, Canada and Australia - indeed - a one of a kind posse of "exceptionals".

Like the posse prose"d above, the Exceptionals are highly visible on the world stage

Tolerant, egalitarian  über literate societies with a penchant for periodic, transparent elections, a free uncensored press, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a military under civie control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and the ability to enforce Writ of State.

Nearly every nation on earth looks to the past. Past glories -- like when France had Napoleon driving them to empire - or when Persia ruled the known world - or when Palestine stretched from  Atlas Mountains to Taiwan (just teasing on the last one there).

Or, nations look to past injustices - Like when Deutschland lost her empire at Versailles or like when Palestine lost her goodies as a desperate Little Satan absorbed surprise blitzes, counter attacked and acquired real estate booty in not one, but several real wars. Or when a gigantic Syria was cut down to smaller, bite size bits

The Exceptionals exceptionally look to the future. No holy tribal turf, no sacred bloodlines, and no past grievances.

The Exceptionals have shed blood in every corner of the globe, usually in defense of someone elses freedom -- the ultimate in humanitarianism.

The long answer is found in the ancient remarkable commitment to liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, and laissez-faire values -- "Democracy in America" by Alexis De Tocqueville:

The Exceptionals differ qualitatively from all other nations, because of their unique origins, magically especial because they are all 1st a country of immigrants and the first modern democrazies. Plus, being the world's youngest nations -- they also sports the world's oldest continuous republics

 Also helps to note that Great Satan is the only nation on earth that actually fought a civil war over slavery.

As former Sec o' State Madame Maddy Albright once laughed off concerns about Great Satan acting out from time to time

"Because we are America; we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall and we see further than other countries into the future, and we see the danger here to all of us."

Americans believe they know the truth, and they do not admit alternate truths. Instead of playing the relevency game, Americans play 'Which one of these things is not like the other?"

"Oh, things, for instance things like supremacy of democratic states over tyrannies, which is just a very simple notion. The fact that there is not moral equivalence between a despot and a democratic leader, that we free people do not inhabit the same plane morally as terrorists"

As daemoneoconic philosopher king Robert Kagan pointed out:

"Democracy is the only legitimate form of government, and America as the greatest democracy is the most legitimate of all. America's ambition for power and wealth, an ambition that has drove Americans outward for like the last 3 centuries.

"In fact, the expansive, idealistic, and at times militaristic American approach to foreign policy has produced some accomplishments of world historical importance—the defeat of Nazism, Japanese imperialism, and Soviet Communism—as well as some notable failures and disappointments.

"But it was not as if the successes were the product of a good America and the failures the product of a bad America. They were all the product of the same America.

"The achievements, as well as the failures, derived not from innocence or purity of motive, and not because Americans abided by an imagined ideal of conduct in the world, but from the very qualities that often make Americans queasy: their willingness to accumulate and use power, their ambition and sense of honor, their spiritedness in defense of both interests and principles, their dissatisfaction with the status quo and belief in the possibility of change.

Bottom Line?

The Exceptionals are kinda crazy and unpredictable.

In spite of being more fickle than any girls, with the attention span of only twice as long as whatever they"re, uh, hit with, the exceptionals continues to confound critics and undermine critique on the possie"s will power, fire power and staying power.

Hearts, minds and hands that work diligently at endeavours like space exploration, medicine, high tech, education, academics, biz and the arts can easily be turned to amazing battlefield exploits, determination can devastatingly be turned to deadly endeavours like annihilating enemies.


Michal said...

Oh I loved this article because it's so American through and through.

Also because it tickled my smug European sense of superiority and cynicism. ;)
Yes indeed, America is the only country that fought to end slavery (not counting in French revolution which was all about slavery in its rhetoric), because all other countries had their slavery disappear gradually, naturally, non-violently, as the founding fathers have envisioned for America originally. ;)

Still, I salute you, USA! I think the quoted Robert Kagan put it very well in the article.
Though you make mistakes, it's only because your sense for justice is so strong. It may not be 4th of July quite yet, but the reminiscence of the numerous righteous victories, the World War One, the World War Two, the Cold War, made me sigh appreciation.

Never change.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding article!

And to smuggy, Europe's slaves weren't freed until a century after GS's civil war freed hers.


Michal said...

nope.jpg, dear anon.