Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strategy 2020

Rodina mat' zovyot!

Commonwealth Russia"s Strategic Review thingy to keep/return her to super power stats is out and open and details tons of deets including a wicked aperitif to Operation Barbarossa"s lingering effects - the fear of a near abroad not under out right domination, dominatingly influenced or no match for an overnight panzer ride.


Commonwealth's readiness to jawflap and develop eco-energetic"lations with NATO cats depend on "...conditions of equality and respect for Russia’s interests..."

A total op effect - considering alla jank sour mouthings Commonwealth has used as anti - Westernism  rhetoric deployed by her leadership from time to time, Great Satan is not mentioned once in the Strategy 2020 doc as a security threat. Instead, attempts of a range of leading states to achieve military hyperpuissant supremacy ARE viewed as a threat to state security.

GsGf"s Commonwealth advisor - Tovarisch Fyodor - points out one of the cats that IS seen as a threat is Collectivist China
“The highly competitive Chinese processing industry… will continue to squeeze out Russian counterparts from the Russian market and prevent the trade and investment expansion of Russian companies abroad,” the authors conclude. They believe that “the consolidation of China’s positions in Central Asia may undermine the prospects of the latter’s further involvement in Russia’s integration projects.” 
"Courtney, the authors warn that China’s 'way more' active negotiating and interventionist conduct typical of a “newly rich member of the world leaders’ club, the consolidation of the G2 format (the Great Satan and China) in running global economic processes and China’s growing influence in the IMF and the WTO” will come at the expense of other countries, Russia included."
Hmmm. Now that"s Irony for ya - 2 of the most biggest Autocrazies on Earth vying and competing against each other in a zero sum game of diplopolititary designs.

While Great Satan is able to militarily sex up her proxilicious proxies like Nippon 
  Personnel and defense equipment were shipped to Japan's southern bases to ward off China around Japanese islands in the South China Sea. 
Hooking up Nippon with F35 fighters and home made Aegis Missile Cruisers allows Great Satan to engage in an arms race with China by proxy, 
and also allows Nippon  to engage in saber rattling without breaking her constitutionally bound pacifist principles since guided missiles, ballistic missile defense systems, and stealth fighters can all be considered as part of a comprehensive defense-only arsenal. 
Accordingly, on March 19, Japanese Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka warned that if North Korea's satellite launch, which is scheduled for April 12-16, was deemed to pose a threat to Japan, Tokyo would not hesitate to use its ballistic missile defense system to bring it down.
SoKo and Down Under Yonder along with Taiwan complete the League of Hot! Democrazies remix as PACRIM Pivot gets all pivotized - it also makes sense that Commonwealth Russia may wanna hook up in Regional concerns with fun and free choice societies. 

Pic - "Strategia natsionalnoi bezopasnosti Rossiiskoi Federatsii do 2020 goda"