Sunday, November 25, 2007

Annapolis Awakening

The Annapolis Awakening features sweet grand strategy by the Great Satan: The Encirclement of the Islamic Republic's increasingly aggressive, assertive Khomeinist Mohammedist theocracy in Tehran and the isolation of Iran's minions: Syria, Hiz'B'Allah in Lebanon and the HAMAS in Gaza is off the hook.

Like the martyrs they represent, HAMAS spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri openly endorses isolation - shocked that the Arab Leauge would even meet with Israel:

"The announcement of the Arabs that they would participate in the Annapolis
conference was a great shock for the Palestinian people. Participation opens
doors for normalization of relations with Israel."
This is significant The 22 member Arab League last teased the Little Satan with such sweet Official Reckoning in the Saudi Peace Plan of 2002. Remixed for Annapolis, Israel is teased again.

"To consider the Arab-Israeli conflict over and to enter into a peace treaty
with Israel amd to establish normal relations within the context of
comprehensive peace with Israel."
Jordan and Egypt are charter members of the League. Both have started and lost wars of aggression against a democratic member of the UN repeatedly. Both made peace and officially recognised the Little Satan.

If Jordan and Egypt (at one time rulers and administrators for the same hood that is Palestine) can recognize, negotiate, cut and honor peace deals with Israel - if the entire Arab League can openly advocate recognition - then what the heck is so magical about the HAMAS or Lions of Syria that they cannot?

Official Recognition of Israel (let alone mention as a Jewish state) would be totally trippin' for a self described radical movement motivated by martydom, mayhem and militant Mohammedism. (PBUH).

Not only for the HAMAS. Hiz'B'Allah is also shocked that their patron state Syria would attend: Deputy Chief Shiekh Naim Kassem complained

"He who looks at the preparations for the Annapolis conference finds that it has
no gains for the Palestinians."

Declaring the HAMAS held Gaza a hostile entity - while issuing invites to coffee, the Little Satan uses the Arab League and the West Bank to isolate Tehran's Gaza command.

The HAMAS acknowledges Syrian and Iranian WMD comnnections and threatens Israel with gussied up k'ssam rockets and scary new warheads:

"They can be developed in a short period to create sufficient terror and fear and make the Israelis live in pain"

Illegitimate regimes hooking up fiefdoms with WMD? That's casus belle enough for the Great Satan to take both down.

The Arab League recognises the asymetrical hudna. Hassan Nafaa, the head of Cairo University's political science department implies the Great Satan is courting the League

" to muster Arab support for a possible U.S. strike on Iran."

Free media in the Little Satan hits on the same idea:

"The most frequent explanation is that Rice and Bush are championing Palestinian
statehood in a bid to mobilize a coalition of Sunni Arab states to cooperate
with the US against Iran."

The Annapolis Awakening is one of the final touches on a brilliantly successful grand strategy by the Great Satan. The Encirclement of the Islamic Republic of Iran and her isolated minions is nigh complete.


Right Truth said...

I think you are probably correct. Hamas is shocked? Good for Hamas. Anything that makes them unhappy must be a good thing.

Right Truth

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

It's about the only way for a quieter take down of Iran