Monday, November 26, 2007

Magic Man

There is an ancient tune from way back in the last millennium by one of Great Satan's classic treasures. Guys and girls in a killer band from San Fran Land, just like their older peers who xformed 'rock and roll' to 'rock' xformed 'hard rock' into 'classic rock'

One of Heart's endearing tunes is called 'Magic Man.'

Tripping about, dripping with sex and candy the hottie girl singer finally confesses that magic man

"He's got the magic hands"

Whoa! This is significant

Perhaps one of the most endearing features about cool cat Ex Def Sec Donald Rumsfeld are the archaicly up to date signs and wonders he weilds when making points.

Sec Rumsfeld's hand gestures are awesome, and though older guys are in a class by themselves desirability wise - it would be dishonest for a certain element to deny that if Uncle Donald wove his spell in the flesh along with copius amounts of a certain elixir, a girl would most likely succumb and lay there - wiggling and giggling.

Pic - "Magic Hands"