Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bashar's Bridge to Burn

The line between the Great Satan's asymmetrical hudna and asymmetrical jihad is becoming nigh nonexistant.
The Internat'l Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue Awareness Week at Annapolis seems like another futile jaw flapping event. Legitimate reps from a legitimate, democratically elected government of a sovereign nation parley with chaotic, illegitimate bi polar terrorist loving, civil war infected fiefdoms whose 'diplomats' are determined more by loyalty to a leader than to their own people.

Front row seats include the EU - whose recent realignment with both the Great Satan and the Little Satan make a powerful statement. The Arab Leauge may attend.

Syria 's presence is significant.

A Palestinian State is not the real point here. Driving a wedge between Bashar Al Assad's Syria and the Mullah's in Iran is.
The Great Satan is making an honest effort to engage Syria. Honest because the Little Satan has something that Syria wants. And Syria has something to trade.

"It is clear that Assad will not be sending a representative to Annapolis to
grant legitimacy to a bilateral Israeli-Palestinian process that is meant to end
up with an agreement between the Zionist entity and the Fatah-led PA. Keep in mind that Damascus houses and fully supports Hamas, which is ideologically opposed to any such process. Rather, Assad has a price for his attendance and for moving away from Iran."
Regaining the Golan heights has driven Syrian policy since the IDF took it fair and square in a real war. It has been one of the ideals behind Bashar's regime since he assumed power. An intregal part of Kuryat Suriyah will take some repositioning before reclaiming.

Disowning Hiz'B'Allah, refraining from blatant and covert interference in Lebanon and officially recognizing Israel seems like a high price to pay for the Golan. Easing sanctions and restrictions on Syria by the Great Satan are powerfully desired bits of legitimacy for Al Assad.

Iran sees a real chance that Syria may bail on her Axis of Evil commitments, after all the mullahs haven't been invited. Since Iranian defense of Syria is nonexistent, Bashar realizes just how weak his regime is.

One by one, the Great Satan is forcing the unelected leaders of the ME to get with it or get dissed, smacked or replaced. Countering every Arab League raison de doofuss for the ME's failures is brilliant - especially if Annapolis itself fails.

Will Annapolis actually work? Who cares? This 'hudna' is an effective smokescreen for the near future.

When the Great Satan's hudna finally gives way to the Great Satan's jihad - America unbound can remind targeted regimes and their precious assets - Annapolis was their bridge to avoid all this 'instability'. And they blew it.


AmPowerBlog said...

"...with chaotic, illegitimate bi polar terrorist loving, civil war infected fiefdoms whose 'diplomats' are determined more by loyalty to a leader than to their own people."

That's a good line, as is the conclusion:

"Annapolis was their bridge to avoid all this 'instability'. And they blew it."

I hope Courtney unbound has a great Thanksgiving! I'll be blogging, so stop on by!

Right Truth said...

You have such a way with words. I love it. I don't understand Great Satan's actions these days. We are funding universities in Gaza, we are providing highly technical security 'stuff' to Syria, and on and on. We keep playing both sides of these situations we only end up screwing ourselves don't we?

Have a great Thanksgiving my friend.

Right Truth

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

This certainly is the hope...not much chance of Is-Pa peace...Iran may one day find itself kind of alone; alone without nukes is much more preferable.

heidianne jackson said...

just found you and i love your site. you posit some wise points and i have to agree with debbie - i just don't understand what we're up to most of the times these days. i wonder if we are playing both sides in the hope that no matter what happens we'll be on the winning side. i really wish we would just move to the right side and leave the world politicking out of it.

great site and i'm glad i found you. hope your thanksgiving was a good one.